jill stuart airy stay flawless powder foundation review

Let's talk about this thing that I haven't blogged for a while : Make Up. Lately, I'm more into simple and light make up . I don't know why and, probably it's because of  my daily schedule that force me to do my makeup routine as fast as possible.That's why I've been looking into a base product that can hold for all day long but still light and cover up blemishes as well.. My Recent purchase and recommendation is Jill Stuart Beauty Airy Stay Flawless Powder Foundation.

review jill stuart beauty airy stay flawless powder foundation
SPF 22 /  PA++ , no. 30 very bright yellow beige
8.5 g
made in Japan
price : SGD 45 ( bought in Sephora SG )
Jill Stuart Airy Stay Flawless Powder Foundation It's a type of compact foundation that specified for those who has dry skin .It gently covers pores and blemishes with rosemary extract, lavender oil and avocado oil to moisturize skin. It also contains Airy Frost powder to against skin discoloration and cover uneven texture. Leaving the skin soft with half matte finish.
review jill stuart beauty powder foundation
price : SGD 20 (bought in Sephora SG)
A Compact foundation case comes with a puff that sold separately from the refill. It's looking all chic with crystal bling details that surely will make you feel proud to carry it anywhere and your vanity table looking prettier. Anyway, this suppose not to be-the match for airy stay flawless powder foundation refill,they have the original case for it with different design as I googled it. But at that time when I bought it, Sephora only has this one ; Compact C Case. Nevertheless, I prefer this design better and this case also fit with the refill so I guess it's perfectly okay.
Powder Foundation Compact AF (Airy Stay Flawless Powder Foundation Case) Default
the original case for airy stay flawless powder foundation in same price. which one do you like ?
review japanese make up jill stuart airy stay flawless powder foundation
My thoughts : 
First, in term of visual,I would like to rank 10/10 ! So far, Jill Stuart won the best packaging ever compared with any make up brand I've ever known and have.They're so princess-y and elegant that made me cannot complain with the price anymore lol.  I really love the fact that it not just pretty on the outside ,but make you feel prettier too because it smell good too with Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.(Yes, it is not fragrance free ,tho) 
jill stuart airy flawless powder foundation
Apart from that, The result is as good as it claimed...I'd rank 8/10. It makes my skin color looks more even and flawless without any crack and experiencing zero breakout.Yet, it only happens if you have normal/dry skin type with only minimal problem such as dullness,uneven color,etc.. I guess for someone who has complex skin problem, this compact foundation alone is too 'standard'.You might need other products as base to support.

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