Whenever I heard the word about NEW ZEALAND, things that goes into my mind is a day dream paradise of earth with clear skies and breathtaking panorama . A country that is truly worth to visit and has always been on my travel bucket list till now. One of the reasons why I didn't tick it off from my bucket list yet is because, New Zealand always stereotyped as an expensive country to visit. This fact confirmed whenever I look at the total expense of a travel agent group's package.

But then, I realized that the expense alone should not become a limitation. Just in the right time, when I heard about Super Cheap Guides, (one of my favorite bestselling travel author) just released new book called Super Cheap New Zealand. , It eventually makes my dream to visit New Zealand in budget becomes possible as ever!

Budget Travel Guide Book
Author : Matthew Baxter
Print Length : 104 pages
available in paperback & e-book with kindle reader
Download Sample Chapter : here

Super Cheap New Zealand offers a very detailed guide to explore NZ inside out ,whatever type of traveler are you. Travel with family, couple or alone can be easy with this book even if you know zero thing about the country itself. Why ? because, in the first chapter of the book, you'll be with given tips on How to 'SAVE' your holiday right such as prioritize your things to do, sample itineraries, what budget traveler like me should expect on primary things accommodation and cheap places to get delicious meal around.

All written in a  such simple-straightforward and easy to understand words ,and layout design , makes this book such a life saver. Probably,you no longer need to always depend on google maps again because it also enclosed with area maps too.

Another thing that I like about Super Cheap New Zealand is, it always be that descriptive and speak to us reader like a friend. Even the smallest things like nearest Discount Stores, Best Free Places to visit during the day also mentioned. I guess I won't find it elsewhere beside here. If you're expecting to explore not so touristy places / hidden gem places, you'll find here too.

And last, Even though I'm not there yet, I feel like I'm travelling like a pro already by just reading this book. Who know's in the near future I'll make it comes true.When the time is right, I'll surely blog about it here :)

Hope you found this post helpful  :)

*pic source credit :unsplash

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