yehwadam revitalizing cream review
As I'm approaching in club of late 20's ,I'm starting to shift my skincare to anti aging series . This one got my attention the most, The Face Shop Yehwadam Revitalizing. I am intentionally trying their Cream first before actually get the whole sets to 'test the water' whether my skin actually love it or not.
made in Korea
price : around IDR 600.000
the faceshop yehwadam revitalizing review
ingredients . without any parabens added !
This revitalizing anti-aging cream is formulated with the energy of Korean natural ingredients. The smooth cream firms skin and provides the finishing touch for a healthy, vibrant look. YEHWADAM REVITALIZING CREAM completes a shiny skin YEHWADAM REVITALIZING Line preserves the indigenous color of your skin
  • Gyuhwabang revitalizes
  • Saengyoon method preserves the vital energy of ingredients
  • * What is the Saengyoon method? It allows the external moist to slowly impregnate into the ingredients to preserve intact their vital energy. -*cr : THEFACESHOP WEBSITE
try the faceshop yehwadam revitalizing cream review
Really like the design ,yet not fond of the packaging.. Jar type packaging with mini spatula like this always bugs me when it comes to hygiene. It's way better if they change to pump bottle model instead,anyone agree?
yehwadam revitalizing cream review
before after the faceshop yehwadam revitalizing review
This cream is supposed to use as last steps of your skincare regimen .I rather call it finishing cream. It has thick consistency and very sticky, that's why a pea- size is enough for the entire face.You need to gently pat and wait till it fully and equally absorbed .What i love is ,seconds after, my skin is so much hydrated, bouncy and plump at the same time.And not just that, it last for more than hours, unlike my old skincare series. 
My skin is categorized as normal-dry and haven't experienced any breakout since. I have to say this skincare doing a great job on making the skin more nutritious and healthy,yet i don't know if  it's really helps fix anti aging problem which older women usually encounter (- e.g sagging skin/ smile lines,etc.)  I guess i'll find out when I try the serum and emulsion as well. But, It does great job on remove dull skin away ,therefore my face looks even lively then before. It's rather a normal and 'safe' anti aging skincare to begin with. ( Rate - 4/5)

What Do You Think of The Face Shop Yehwadam Revitalizing Series ?

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