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Haven't really write a thing on this blog since new year. I guess it's because everyone's preference (including me) has shifted over to instagram than reading a blog. Thinking back, why am i letting this blog alive is solely because, it contains many memories of my life and happenings, It's just like my online diary from ages..and this year marks Ten years since the first time I started blogging,on this blog (even though the older posts already deleted). Well, I promised to myself that even though, no one would read my writings, i still want to write in this platform- at least for myself- as life-records :)
Last year's Korea trip was like a dream comes true for me, One of the place that I always want to visit in Korea is EVERLAND, which has seen in many Korean Dramas and variety shows as well.

travel to everland korea
It supposed to take around one and half hour from central Seoul to reach Everland by bus.Yet because it was a public holiday, it takes longer than usual..I just drop dead tired upon arriving there , the weather was no joke as well during summer. But when we're already passing the gate, my energy suddenly recharged.
korea everland trip
welcomed by this aesthetic giant tree!
korea everland blog review
The last time that I went to theme park was Tokyo Disneyland in 2015.It was good to feel the vibes  of theme park.I can barely hear the sound of music played around the outdoor area, surrounded by  magical exteriors, people having fun here and there - capturing selfies.Such a stress relief place!
travelling to everland korea
During my visit, they got this seasonal theme ; Summer WaterFun Festival. It was the time while the participant get blast of water sprayed,water dancing show,basically having fun to get the summer heat away. Yet, unfortunately , I miss the show. I just happen to see the latest part of it, while everyone is doing that kind of ' watergun war ' just like Thailand's Songkran festival.
korea rock spin everland
everland korea travel experience
The park itself is really huge,and has five themed zones ; Global Fair - Zootopia - European Adventure - American Adventure and Magic Land with many kind of attractions.Transferring to each zones can be reach by walking or cable car, yet i don't think it can be done in a day to explore them all.  In the end, I was only able to try  the cable car transfer and ONE attraction only,which is Rotating House in European Adventure zone .Yep, it's the risk that I have to accept of joining the a travel group, stick with the itinerary timeline.

Don't wanna waste my time, got myself a hug-gable shark plushie ,costed around 25000 won. Well at least ,It was a gift for myself ,paying regret not able to try the other attractions.
everland korea trip in a day
An hour left before meet up with my other travel mates ,I just spend my time, taking some snaps of the aesthetic picturesque exteriors. It kinda weird, but I'm enjoying doing this here rather than queuing for attractions...well I'm old already lol.

everland korea store

going to everland korea
Till next time ,Everland. You've been such wonderful place to me.

Korea Trip 2018 :
 - nami island  -
everland -
jeju island seongsan sunrise peak -
to be continued ...

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