summer sonata nami island
While everyone are posting all about their christmas - and winter trip,here I am post all about my trip last summer to Nami Island,  Definitely not winter sonata , but summer sonata lol.

Nami Island or known as Namiseom /  남이섬 is distanced around 54 km from central Seoul which took about 2 and half hour by bus.The island itself has unique shape of half moon and is owned privately not by government ,that's why it's also called as Naminara Republic .In order to get in, you need to get a certain 'visa'. They also has their own national flag, coins, stamp,passport, and telephone card. 

travel nami island
mini map of Nami Island
trip nami island
On the entrance, I was welcomed by this cute monument. Idk why but it feels christmassy lol
holiday to nami island
this one too:  snowmans ? 
such cuties ,welcome signage in many languanges
summer travel nami island
We arrived there around 3pm and it was already crowded with tourist from china, vietnam, thailand and also local korean as well ( because it was saturday as well) . I can see many couples are happily ride a bike ,trying to imitate this scene lol :
Image result for nami island bike kdrama

summer trip nami island
while it is also fun to leisurely walk around the so-called forest and maybe you can grab a soft ice cream as companion too. Although it's not winter nor autumn but being surrounded by these tall green trees on summer day made me feel all refreshed.
summer holiday nami island
so many picturesque spot you dont want to miss, and there's many cafes - souvenir shops too here.
summer vacation nami island
blog nami island
trip to korea nami island

And ,finally, the no.1 spot everybody been trying to get selfie with :
winter sonata statue at nami island
Bae Yong Jun -  Choi Ji Woo statue from the scene of winter sonata !
I think the reason behind why they still preserve this old statue here is probably because the drama itself, Winter Sonata is all time-favorite romantic korean drama and it was a starter of all those K-drama booming. 
nami island summer trip experience
In the end, it's not Korea if you haven't visit this beautiful island. I'm glad for this chance and I want to revisit Nami island when the maple trees are blooming. And maybe, I can get a couple picture with my future husband too here <3

till next time !

Korea Trip 2018 :
 - nami island  -
- everland -
- jeju island seongsan sunrise peak -
to be continued ...

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I first learnt about this island from watching a Korean show called We Got Married. I would like to watch Winter Sonata one day. I didn't know that the island was privately owned.