etude house deep black bubble hair coloring review
This post will be my last review about a hair coloring product, ever since i've stopped dyeing my hair after 6 years , i think i will truly embrace my natural all black hair. Fyi, im planning to let the black roots grow naturally not dyeing them .That's why,instead of that, I used this product on my mom's black hair to minimize the appearance of gray hairs.
etude house hot style bubble deep black review
ETUDE HOUSE Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring
BK01 Deep Black
 Made in Korea
✿ Price :  around KRW 6000 
 ---Where to Buy--- 
 Online , Shipped Worldwide :  TesterKorea 
✿ Offline : Etude House Store 
I've tried Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring two times, which is Sweet Orange and Wine Red and I'm sure kinda impressed with the result; always pigmented . that's why when my mum told me she wanted to blacken her hair to look more pitch black, i reccomended her this product.
etude house  bubble hair coloring review
there's a simple illustation how to on back side of the box, unfortunately it's all written in Korean,lol
etude house hot style bubble black review
worry not, here it is the English description ,at least.
etude house deep black review

etude house deep black bubble hair color review
Inside the box you will find : 
1. Instruction booklet, 
2. Shoulder cover & Gloves 
3. Solution 1 , Solution 2
4. Silky Perfumed Hair Treatment

How To Do ?
Simply follow the steps in the instruction box or you can follow  my detailed to-do
procedure and tips post here : Etude House Hair Bubble To-do
( it's the same with shampooing your hair !)

Result & Conclusion
I'm not enclosed any before after picture hair here because there's not much difference putting on black hair color on black hair ,lol ! But it does made my mum hair looks more shiny and it does minimize about 50% appearance of her gray hairs!  Well,at least we tried, and it works a bit , nah? lol. She also said that this product is very practical,easy to use,a time-saving hair dye she ever tried, and smells good too( prolly, because of the silky perfumed hair treatment). 

Yet, we realize that it is not the kind of product for those who looking for a permanent look. it just an instant - hack product to blacken your hair a bit before any big-day like gathering / party and eventually will fades after 4 months or so.

Read about my hair bubble experience with  different brand : 

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  1. I always wanted to try it. Finally I see a review. Thank you :))


  2. wanna try to colours my hair but i'm too afraid :(