shibazakura in hitsujiyama park chichibu saitama
This year's Spring is so unforgettable for me, especially this May. It's such good to be back to Japan once again..moreover, enjoyed Shibazakura festival and Cherry blossom/sakura at the same time. Thank God ,He grant my wish when I least expect it 💕 .

Here the story goes, I was planning to go Hokkaido this May for cherry blossom festival (because there will be no more sakura blooming in Tokyo already) and visit Furano at once. I even managed to book my flight and calculating about the other expenses for Tokyo - Hokkaido Flight. Yet, I got a shocking replied from a Furano tourism staff whom I emailed earlier ; She did not recommend to go there because during that time ; golden week ,plus it's not the best time to visit Furano for the sake of flower field except in July. I had to change plan and all of them in last minutes .

But ,God is good, I'm happy to know that I'm still able to enjoy another flower field festival a.k.a the famous shibazakura during that certain date..
moss phlox hitsujiyama park chichibu saitama
Shibazakura  / Moss Phlox Festival in Japan is very special during spring. It's almost the same as like cherry blossom and literally became bucket list for every tourist. There are two kinds of Shibazakura festival held near Tokyo ; in Fuji and Hitsujiyama Park in Chichibu , Saitama. I decided to go for the last one simply because of access, and time. 

It's easier to go Chichibu from Ikebukuro Station,Tokyo because there is Seibu Tourist Information Center (exit 1 F) staff who helped me a lot in English . From here, I booked 1 Day Pass including seat in  red arrow limited express train to Yokoze Station ,which is the closest station to the Hitsujiyama Park .All expenses for this trip costed me not more than 2500 yen and it was totally worth the price !yokoze chichibu saitama map for shibazakura
Arrived in Yokoze station. Here is the map of the Area
From here, take a 20-mins walk to the Hitsujiyama Park 羊山 .
 Just follow the crowd and always pay attention to the street sign
wisteria flower in japan
Bumped into this pretty flower, Wisteria on my way to the park
nanohana canola flower in japan
Another flower spotted : the yellow prince ; NanoHana / Canola !
shibazakura chichibu saitama
Finally... Hitsujiyama Park  羊山公園
moss phlox festival pink flower in chichibu saitama japan
Hitsujiyama Park Shibazakura has about 17.600 square metres of 40.0000 moss phlox.Certainly, a bit smaller that the Shibazakura Matsuri inYamanashi, Fuji. Still, they have the same ,stunning moss phlox .The other good side ; here is less crowded than Fuji. Hitsujiyama Shibazakura Festival dates was more flexible to me, It held around Late April till first week of May. If you do mind about ease of access (nearer Tokyo) , schedule and budget, I do recommend to visit Hitsujiyama in Chichibu. Then maybe on the next chance, you can go for Fuji Shibazakura Matsuri.
shibasakura moss phlox viewing in japan
See the mountain at the background? It's Mount Buko / 武甲山, Bukō-san
 ,famous for becoming the source of limestone and hiking area in Saitama
hitsujiyama shibazakura experience travel
My ootd that day 😏 I was so happy to see my favorite flower blooms literally everywhere like carpet!
pink moss phlox spring festival in japan
shibazakura in hitsujiyama park
Not just moss phlox, there's also different kind of flowers worth to adore too
chichibu spring moss phlox
After some time taking pictures of / with the endless beauty moss phlox.It's lunch time ! Got myself a bucket of chicken karagee and ramen at food stalls area. It was so refreshing to rest surrounded by woods and beautiful sight of shibazakura.
- - - - - - 
Spent some time more at the park and  Later did I know,it's half past 4 already ,means time to go back to Tokyo.The station; Seibu Chichibu Station is a different station from the arrival station (yokoze) ,meaning another 20 mins walk and trails ,weee . But that's okay, just ask people around there how to go Seibu Chichibu station and they will assist you.
yaezakura tree hanami japan spring
and...to my surpriseeess..
On my way back, I saw this one,beautiful pink tree which is a SAKURA tree. One Japanese family pass by this tree and they are questioning about "why sakura is still blooming here?" That was first comes on my mind too, when I saw this tree. Like, how come? it's out of the season already.. yet,I was so lucky to saw this one -very late bloomer. The tree itself,has begun to wither but still, I'm so thankful to get a chance first time viewing sakura while it lasts.
yaezakura sakura cherry blossom tree in japan
Anyway, it's a Yaezakura ヤエザクラ
It's a type of  multi layered sakura / cherry blossom with white to pink colors and almost resemble with carnation in a glimpse . I do think it's the same beautiful as the usual somei yoshino sakura. Well, both are God's masterpiece ,right ? 

As personally ,to be able to viewing this one and only sakura tree,strengthen my faith that nothing is impossible with God.We can never know our life's path, but as long as we enjoy it with a grateful heart, we can be assured that happiness is just around the corner :)

I will blog more and maybe make a video of my recent Japan 2017 Trip soon <3

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Ps: Don't hesitate to reach me privately or comment bellow if you wanna ask about traveling in Japan

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