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It's the last post of my Japan 2016 Trip series ! On the fifth day, I went to 3 places all around Tokyo. First, the famous luxurious shopping district ,Ginza.It's my second time being here and it's good to be back especially this one building that always be on my checklist since I reach Tokyo . Shiseido at the Ginza.
travel in tokyo shiseido ginza
shiseido at the ginza
Opened in 2011, this building certainly attract many tourist as well beauty enthusiast around the world when they're coming to Tokyo. It can be said that it's a one stop beauty store too. On the ground floor, it's all about any Shiseido's head to toe brand such as Anessa, Integrate Gracy, Ma Cherie, Tsubaki, etc.On the upper level, there are Hair and Makeup Salon, Photo Studio, Bihada Lounge ( Beauty Counseling Counter) and even Dressing Table to be play with.
shiseido tokyo store
inside shiseido at the ginza
shiseido at the ginza tokyo japan
Shiseido The Ginza not just provides beauty but fashion items as well. The place always crowded everytime I came back here and mostly fills with Chinese tourist that's why the shopkeeper are able to speak multilinguals ( English , Chinese and Japanese) and they are very kind too. If you are looking for any Shiseido items that can't be purchased nowhere , I highly recommend this place!
tokyo tower akabanebashi
Around noon, I continued my journey to Akabanebashi and just in front of the station, I can see the where the heart of Tokyo stands.. Tokyo Tower ! It feels like surreal, really, the landmark where only seen at TV and magazines are standing right in front of me. Idk why but somehow I feel moved maybe you can relate too..If you're in love with this country that much like me lol..
shopping in roponggi
travel in roponggi hills
You're not experiencing Roppongi If you are not stop by Roppongi Hills . This is one of the largest Japan's Integrated property development and complex contains of museum , obsevatory, high end shops and restaurants and also cinema. Roppongi Hills are popular around foreigner in Tokyo also where are the cool people of Tokyo ;socialites usually hanging at.
roponggi hills mori tower
inside roponggi hills
The area are so spacious and it's bit confusing for a firstimer.. If you are not pay attention you can actually get lost like me 😂.Well, at that case ,I just take Mori tower and the giant spider statue as the check point lol . And oh,no worries there's tourist information desk, getting an area map should help ,too.
roponggi mori tower
Around the Giant Spider Statue, Just Walk across the garden, You can see a a nice view of whole Tokyo from above for FREE !
tv asahi tokyo view from roponggi hills
tokyo tower at night
I can see both TV Asahi building and Tokyo Tower here, sooo beautiful ! And that's how I end my night... I really can't thank enough to God for giving me this experience ,being in the my most favorite country once again and counting my blessings :") Really this world is His Masterpiece. That's why traveling like this can help me get new insight of life and adjust myself once more.I will come back, Japan !

Well that's a wrap for my Japan 2016 Trip Series. 
To be continued on Japan 2017 Trip !
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