love cherie koda kumi d.u.p eyelashes review
Hello hello, Cheers for my most favorite month of the year , October ! If you wonder why , it's simply because my birthday happen to be on the last of October a.k.a Halloween, that's why lol. I also really wish to write more this month but it's seems like impossible, looking at piles of projects and to-do's at work, hardly have time to blog  *_*
Well,today's post is all about Japanese fake eyelashes, D.U.P Eyelashes that collaborated with Japanese R & B singer, Koda Kumi πŸŽΆ
 japanese efake eyelashes d.u.p
 I know imma outdated,despite the fact that this lashes released 
back in 2013.. but hey, it's better late than never right ?
The lashes has 5 types : Impact Line - 01 Glamorous, 02 , Elegant. Natural Line  - 03 Sweet , 04 Romantic and 05 Nude.  Mine is Romantic, it's a typical semi-decorative wing-ed lashes,reflecting Koda Kumi's lady like sides review japanese d.u.p eyelashes
ディーをップ ラブシェγƒͺ
Made in Japan 
consist of 2 pairs per box
✿Price :  ¥ 1200

 ---Where to Buy--- 
Online , Shipped Worldwide :  Eyelash Paradise , MissJapanlove cherie eyelashes review
I got mine from Matsumoto Kiyoshi in Tokyo(best!) yet, i just found out that it's kinda hard to find this product outside Japan I only can suggest two online shops stated above.Otherwise, you may go check Ebayd.u.p eyelashes review
Each lashes quality is very light,feathery and soft like real human lashes. The shape is longer on the outer side rather than the inner corner to enhance eyes looking fuller and wider .
japanese eyelashes review before after
I have this Asian small eyes type and my natural lashes are short. As you can see,This D.U.P Love Cherie Lashes really help my eyes looks more pop out and dramatic, Love it !
japanese eyelashes dup love cherie review before after
Yet, I have to cut the lashes a bit on the outer corner because it's too long and can't really fit my eye size. However it doesn't really affect the result, I still love it anyway.
✿ Soft and extra light 
✿ Not shiny, just like a real lashes 
Has flexible transparant band 
 ✿ Reusable up to / more than 5 times 
 ✿ Quite Pricey 
✿ Availability outside Japan 
✿ Size is too long for some Asian eyes 
I think D.U.P Love Cherie lashes is suitable for a day out; semi-formal and formal event not for casual - daily wear because it might be a little too much.This eyelashes also works great if you do some looks like smokey eyes or another dramatic look where you put more concern and effort into the eye looks as main point.I am very satisfied with the result ,Yet I don't think i will repurchase this in the near future because it kinda hard to get this Koda Kumi selection lashes in real store if you live outside Japan ,so maybe i'll go with another D.U.P lashes edition.
Rate : 4.5 / 5
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6 komentar

  1. ahhh falshes nya cantik bngt packaging nyaaa


    1. iyaa cantik banget ,sayang dibuang kalau sudah habis masa pakainya XD

  2. It might be too long and pricey, but looks gorgeous on your eyes ♥ I am also October's child. Happy Birthday in advance! ;)

    Have a nice day~


    1. thank you Nana! It's not my birthday yet, but it's okay ♥ and happy birthday to you, too ^^

  3. This looks so great! It looks natural, but has a dramatic flair to it. :) Definitely going to keep an eye out for this one! Thanks for the review! :)

    1. That's the reason why i give score 4.5 out of 5 and you're welcome !