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Words cannot describe my love for beauty as well for travel. To be able travel around the world always be one of my #lifegoals. Discovering new things, new ideas, meet new people,culture always give me sort of new viewpoints in life.Travel also teach me about the beauty and wonder of God's works. That's why I make promise to myself, as long as I live, i'd like to make time to explore the world.Be it alone or with my loved ones. Do you think the same as me ?

'One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.' 
- Henry Miller

Yet,as for now I plan to travel around Asia first, before move to other - farther part of the world. In less than 10 years, I hope I can accomplish this travel bucket list also, I will learn more about each places and work hard to get myself there from now , hehehe !


travel bucket list china
travel bucket list around asia
credit  : travelinsiderqantas
✿  Tian An Men Mountain and High Glass Skywalk , China  
I didn't pay a visit to this amazing spot when I went to Beijing years ago.This place also known as the heaven's gate in the world.The panorama is beyond mesmerizing, even only looking through the pictures or video.I also curious about how it feels to walk on the stunning yet extreme glass skywalk !

travel list top asia
 my top travel bucket list Asia shaanxi
credit  : exotour& visitourchina
 Terracota Warriors Museum, Shaanxi , China  
Thousand warrior statues protect the first Emperor's tomb in afterlife
I didn't know this place existed until the day I learnt about for Art History lesson back then when i was in college.My lecturer said that the statue faces is not even resembled one to another which made them so unique and has its own historical feelings.I do really admire the craftsmanship and the effort!

perfect travel spot list Asia vietnam
credit  : vinh
  Halong Bay , Vietnam  
Do you remember watching your childhood tv show ;The Wild Of Thornberry on Nickelodeon ? If you were fan of this cartoon like I used to ,then must know the episode when Eliza discover a myth that there's dragon living underwater of Halong Bay.Ever since then, I want to explore this natural wonder someday.

japan travel bucket list where to go
credit  : travelinsiderqantas
 Rainbow Field Tomita, Hokkaido , Japan  
SuperB breathtaking, living flower carpet,ever !I can't say more..The scenery is just like dreamland isn't it?

blue pond unique japan hokkaido
japan travel list hokkaido

 Blue Pond Aoikke, Hokkaido , Japan  
This blue pond often called magic pond,because the water color changes depending on the weather. Best to visit here during winter because the color harmony  is so beautiful.I bet you can make a perfect wallpaper already thru single photo shot!

  [ Which place stated above that you like and why?Any recommended places to go around Asia? Share with me ! ]

*all scenery photos belong to their respective owner*

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6 komentar

  1. Your places look great! I wish to see terracotta army, too. I saw only replica exhibition in Europe with reconstruction of original look and colors! Halong Bay looks great, too!

    Thank you for sharing ^^

    1. I only know terracotta army from pictures and text book back then lol . I wish to see them for real ,at least the replica like you XD

  2. These are such beautiful places! I've been to those mountains in China when I was very young, but i think I'll be too scared to go on the glass walk!

    Lizzie Bee //

    1. wow! i want to be there rn so bad T_T
      even though walking on the glass scared me but i feel really challenged!

  3. I really want to go Shirakawago in Japan at the moment :D also wish to check out Wu zhen in China one day

    1. Ahh shirakawa go! My friends who alrd go there been bragging to much lol ,it drives me curious too ! I never knew wu zhen before, should check out later ,maybe i can insert on this bucket list ,hihi!