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Hello hello, happy new month ! October was pretty hectic, resulting me lose my shopping urges especially on beauty items. Instead, I spend for some leisure activities like casual eat out,movies and so on. Maybe's it's because I have set a resolution earlier this year or maybe it's just me being one year older,more meticulous on money management lol.
Yet apparently, some my skincare products emptied at the same time.So this month haul are totally unplanned.
skincare haul korean
Na-ah it's just five items actually (That's why i put 'mini' on title above) and two of them are gifts.Not to mention, one is from Daiso. Therefore, still able to save up lol.
the saem skincare haul
1.The Saem Perfumed Body Moisturizer in Acacia
Named as moisturizer but works same as body lotion.The scent is really like a flower bouquet ! Pretty affordable in just around IDR 135k
2. The Saem Iceland Hydrating Emulsion
I never tried any The Saem skincare except their face mask so this is my actual first skincare series in full size.When I asked the beauty adviser what emulsion will match with my skin condition (normal) ,she suggest me this and Urban Eco Harakeke emulsion. I pick this over  Harakeke one because it's slightly cheaper , so that If I'm not into it, i wont be too sorry with the money.
the faceshop kakao muzi haul skincare
3. The Face Shop Moisturizing Foam Cleanser Kakao Edition Muzi 
Another cute items with my fave character on it from the face shop.Totally can't resist.So far , I have no bad experience like break outs with any the face shop product so why won't give it a try? 
4.The Face Shop Hand Cream Kakao Edition Muzi 
...because there is Muzi, again lol
5.Skin Lotion Aloe - Daiso Japan
I didn't except too much despite the price.Let's just say it's kinda has cooling sensation and pretty hydrating for some moments especially used after showering

[ Any Full Review request for products above? Comment below! ]

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8 komentar

  1. I still can't get over these cute cosmetic covers! ♥

    Happy Tuesday!
    xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

    1. hehehe indeed ! i want to keep it forever lol

  2. Those skincare are too cute ☺️☺️


  3. wah, the saem ones are actually on my shopping list :)
    can you write a review about that one? thank you!


  4. Review dong The Saem Iceland Hydration Emulsionnya :D