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Hey Guys, the long awaited post is finally here , my TOKYO Summer 2016 Beauty Haul. As you can see in the picture, it's not that much compared with my last year, 2015 Japan Beauty Haul .That's simply because I spend the money on more important things like clothes , shoes and bags. Gee,mine was too out of date as I also adore Japanese fashion too much.Therefore this haul are merely restock items. Let's start with hair products first :)
japan beauty haul
✿Kao Liese Hair Bubble in Jewel Pink - ¥ 647 
✿Dexe Beauty Gaga Temporary Hair Color in Red - ¥ 400
✿Lucido-L Argan Oil Rich Hair Treatment - ¥ 1200  
✿Palty Point Color Tube in Pink - ¥ 600 
✿Palty Hair Dye in Sugar Brown - ¥ 693
All about hair colors ! I wanna make a difference on my hair this year as like what i said in my earlier new year beauty resolution . It's either to color them in pink or red.But first, I gotta do 'trial-error' by using these two temporary hair colors and let's see will I go for permanent color or not.
japan make up haul
✿ Kose Visee Color Polish Lipstick in OR221- ¥ 1500 
✿ Canmake Lasting Multi Eye Base WP - ¥ 550 
✿ Kanebo Kate Tokyo Stick Concealer Light Beige - ¥ 1500  
✿ Kose Visee CC Concealer - ¥ 1300  
✿ Shiseido Sweets Sweets Soft Brow Maker - ¥ 1600 
✿ Shiseido Integrate Gracy Eyebrow Pencil - ¥ 1400
japan cosmetic haul
✿ Natural Is Lovely Eye Lash - ¥ 1000
✿ Mitsuki Oishi Eyelash Love Magic - ¥ 1000 
✿ Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix Hard Type - ¥ 900 
Yap,less lashes haul.. I'm getting lazier in putting fake lashes since I got my new Heroine Make Super Film Mascara and it made me super comfortable with my own natural lashes , gotta post review soon!
tokyo make up skin care haul✿ Creer Beaute Sailor Moon Miracle Romance White Masks 5 sets - ¥ 980 

In case you wondering where did I found these beauty items , You can go to Matsumoto Kiyoshi and Don Quijote ,my two favorite make up store in Japan ( except for the Sailormoon Mask-it was in one drugstore around Ebisu area and Shiseido's are at Shiseido the Ginza Store) 

You just have to make item wishlist and dig them right or else you will end up confused because there are too many tempting beauty products lol ! The struggle is real,Trust me *_*

[ That's all about my 2016 Tokyo Beauty Haul , 
Hope this post useful for you who are searching for Japanese Beauty Products!
Please let me know which item that you would like me to review first ! ]

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