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Happy first week of July and Happy Hari Raya for those who celebrate it. It's public holiday a.k.a cuti bersama here in Indonesia and mostly everybody is going out of town  till next week.I guess this is the right time for me to post another travel post.And yeap it's about my 2015 Summer Japan Trip Series.It's almost one year already and why do I still clearly remember just like yesterday, Haha. Anyway  at the sixth day, our group tour schedule was Tokyo DisneySea ! Ohh yeah,like finally my first DisneySea on this 24 years of life lol.

1-13 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-0031, Japan
*Maihama Station*
Ph : +81 570-008-632
Opening Hours : 8.30am - 10pm daily
Website : DisneySea Japan
/Check Website For Ticket Price/

Got there by bus around 5 mins only because our hotel is veryy near with both ,DisneyLand and DisneySea.If you plan to book hotel which is around Maihama station area ,I really recommend the hotel where we stayed in, Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel. Very Nice,Clean,Pleasant to stay ! There's even Disney Stores inside the hotel too, and the interior inside is very disney-ish ! Other option, you may check Disney Ambassador Hotel . or Tokyo  DisneySea Hotel Mira Costa :)

disneysea tokyo maihama
Most people says it's better to go DisneySea (first) rather than DisneyLand while you're in Japan and I couldn't agree more with this statement. It's is definitely a good decision to check DisneySea just because this 176-acre theme park is the one and only DisneySea in the world !
And since it named as Disney-Sea , the attractions, exterior and most Disney characters here are pretty much related with sea.Name it,  Ariel the Little Mermaid Playground, Sinbad Story book Voyage,etc.

We went there around 10am and it was super crowded already tho some attractions we'rent ready to be open.No, People are not going to ride them .They're simply hunting like crazy for FAST PASS!
forgot to take pic of my FastPass , -- pic credit : http://mydreamcametrue.com/ ---  
FastPass in a short is a magic key that help you to get the attractions you wanted without being bothered by long queue. You can Read more about it and how it works one DisneySea Website.

 However I can only get 1 attraction FastPass which is for Tower of Terror and immediately went in  just be because the queue was not a joke and the sun was really burning out my skin ,made me thing that it is completely wrong to go here on such Summer day ,pheww.
disneysea tokyo attractions
I wont spoil you guys too much and you gotta experience it by yourself lol *evilsmirk*
Not a roller coaster ride but smth similar like..haha..an Elevator Riding one.
Rate : 4 out of 5 Stars *clap clap*

Continuing to other attractions that I tried, INDIANA JONES
disneysea tokyo indiana jones japan
Our Group tour leader bragged too much about how awesome this attraction is but after sacrificing my precious 2 hours for long queue plus hungry tummy I can only say...


I mean,oh c'mon. It was not thrilling at all!The struggle while waiting to get into the ride was real and I was expecting more on this attraction /cries/  I don't know what makes this one so popular instead of other attractions. Well, the interior inside is the only thing that impress me. Cave-like much.
mickey mouse ice cream disneysea
Cannot stand more with the sun,thank God this cool Minnie Ice Bar saved me at the right time.

The next..hmm..what next?From 12pm above it was getting more crowded.Too lazy to even hunt for FastPass and too tired to walk from one area to another,Don't wanna exposure skin under sun. So I decided to just chill inside the DisneySea Electric railway . LMAO I feel so old already. It's like being inside this so much more pleasant rather than enjoy the attractions under the sun. Well at least being inside this electric train enable me capture some of attractions from above ,so i'm free of guilty feeling about wasting my day lol
disney train
Here are some attractions that made me go curious but It's kind of impossible to get in that day :
disneysea tokyo fun experience
Aquatopia - it's almost same like Indonesian boom boom car expect it's on water
disneysea tokyo mermaid entrance
DisneySea Mermaid Lagoon Area - Six Indoor Attractions inside,mostly kids friendly
disneysea tokyo journey to the center of earth
Mysterious Land - Journey to the Center of The Earth -  dang it, it was underconstruction for some days while I want to ride it so much
travel diary disneysea japan
Gave up on attractions hunting,Continuing my day capture the DisneySea exteriors instead.I supposed not wear a shorts despite applying tons of Sunblock. However. Mr. Sun is not friendly at all that day.
japanese disneysea travel blog
disneysea summer trip
Pretty Buildings inspired by the atmosphere of Venice
disneysea japan exterior inside
what inside disneysea
Classic OSWALD the Bunny Plushies !
classic mickey plush disneysea
End Up spend my last JPY on this Classic Mickey plushie .Costed JP¥ 2.400 but never mind, I'm a mickey addict anyway and I think won't go back here again after some time.So.. welcome to the family, cutie !

At last, here are my tips for going to DisneySea ...
1. APPLY TONS OF SUNBLOCK ( recommended : SPF 100)
2. DRINK MORE WHILE YOU'RE INSIDE ( you dont wanna dehydrated inside,don't you?)
3. AVOID GOING ON PUBLIC HOLIDAY / WEEKEND.The Crowd and the queque will be super ...#sigh. It's also better to visit DisneySea like super early before than anyone else so you can get That FastPass which is like a true gem here in DisneySea.Therefore, it's best to visit around 8 - 8.30 am.
*Good Luck*

[ That's a wrap for my 2015 Summer Japan Trip Post Series. 
Will continue writing about the next Series of Tokyo 2016 Trip and
 more about Japan Travel Tips and Hauls.So stay tune ! ]

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  1. DisneySea looks so fun! I regret not going there last time when I went to Tokyo T-T btw I really love your blog as I'm a big fan of Japan and kawaii things too ^^

    1. i hope you can go there when you have the chance in the future ^^
      sure it's a magical theme park that should be in your travel bucket list !
      thanks for the love for my blog <3

  2. Gotta be agree with the Indiana Jones ride! They said it gonna make us thrilled, but I think it was a so so hehe. Love your blog, btw!

    1. haha! but at least we kill the curiosity already lol
      thanks sweetie !