New Year,New You.I think it's not too late to pamper yourself as we're still in the first week of January.One of the option is to treat your hair.Whether you got a new cut,new color it is very important to keep your hair looking even better than before and healthy! Here's I just got myself a pack of hair care that totally repair my damaged and frizzy hair,Asience Inner Rich Hair Care series!

Everybody,so does you,sure know KAO,a giant personal care corp from Japan which product quality is no need to be doubted.Here's one of the famous hair care product from KAO,Asience Inner rich as beauty serum ready to rejuvenated your hair with every wash!

Honestly the first thing that caught my eye to grab this product is the Price.Lol yeah how come in only SGD 22.9 ,I can have 3 products series at once ? Plus since it's a brand from KAO,i feel no need to doubt them.You know,I'm so frustrated of my dry and frizzy hair .Yes I admit ,I constantly  color them and use straightener  so no wonder my hair condition is like this  :X   
Trustfully, before I use Asience Inner Rich ,I found none that wonderfully change it.Once i tried Shiseido's Tsubaki which popular but it turn no any significant change plus it only last moist my hair for about 1 day after shampooing.The next day I use strengthener the condition is still same.So I guess i give a try to this one.Still Japanese product because my forever love of Japan and I simply believe no one can beat Japanese hair care product quality~ hehehe
So here 's as seen on the side label,the product contains BEAUTY SERUM FORMULA.This nine does magic to your hair as it works as SERUM instead of regular hair shampoo.I guess it promising since every now and then i heard the solution of fixing dryness is giving serum daily.So why not having serum and those precious essentials to your hair inside your shampoo?As long as it soften,moisture and deeply repair my hair texture ,I say YES!
Another point to be noted,this is the second time i found that Japanese hair care always contain natural essence and oils.I always believe when everything go back to nature then it's great.

But wait,this product contain silicone too! Does it safe and affect the hair?
the answer is ...
The good news is,it can help smooth-en the hair texture! READ MORE HERE
Now let's see each product ...
Volume : 480ml
How to use : Massage onto wet hair to lather.Rinse off completely after.
First,I should say I really love the bottle design.The graphic gives a different something- ethnic touch,unlike other cute Japanese hair care.The bottle cap is in pump-model which help you manage use the right amount of shampoo.I usually use about 2-pumps/each is on cherry size is enough to clean my shoulder- length hair.Although the foam is not that much/visible I can feel that It cleanse my hair directly! Moreover ,the Scent is deeply gentle.It said on the label that it's a fruity-floral fragrance but I found none similar to describe it lol but i truly admit it's calming!
Volume : 480ml
How to Use : After use Asience Inner Rich Shampoo,
apply evenly on hair ,Rinse off completely after 

Although I love the design,one thing that kept me confuse is to differentiate the shampoo and the conditioner because they appearance is precisely same in single glance except the cap colour.The conditioner has a darker gold color than the shampoo. Within one wash,i only need two-bean sized conditioner to cover all of my shoulder length hair.It isn't mentioned that we need to wait before wash but I follow the common conditioner suggestion. as usual,about 2-3 minutes ,waiting for the conditioner to work finely.
Volume : 100g
How to Use : After use Asience Inner Rich Shampoo,apply evenly on hair ,
Leave on for 3 minutes then rinse off completely.

The instruction says that we need to apply it after shampooing. I'm still confuse tho whether I can use it after shampoo or conditioner as like other hair treatment.So i follow my usual hair basis ,which is shampoo-conditioner- and  treatment. Guess what ,the treatment really moist and improve the softness of my hair unlike only use just the shampoo and conditioner. I guess it makes sense yeah ,use the series at once can give best result!
the shampoo liquid is as smooth as milk while the conditioner is 
more concentrated and last the treatment is creamy
After use this series for about 1 month,i can feel my hair is more manageable and the dryness is reduced especially on the hair ends.No more greasy feeling  and itchy scalp because my hair feels clean-still even after 3 days no washing lol(yeap,I did not wash my hair in order to prove it) I guess my hair is back to neutral-state which less-dry than before.Although this is a good product ,I do still crave and wish of finding another good hair care series that SIGNIFICANTLY changed my hair,make it awesomely shiny,extra smooth and healthier just like those Japanese models,kk! ( psst..dream big!)
RATE  4/5
What do you guys think of ASIENCE INNER RICH SERIES ?
Tell me on the comment box below!

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13 komentar

  1. The packaging is amazing and they sound like great products :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

    1. agree! although the pakcaging is not very-japanese tho


  2. that is interesting =)


  3. Great post! You have a lovely blog! Let me know if you'd like us to follow eachother on GFC and keep in touch?

  4. *O* Another fannnncyyy looking japan hair care productttt! It seems like a great product from your review *O*
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. it's not VERY great but it does make change to my dry hair !
      fancy bc of its cute packaging right?hehe~

  5. Ive never had a hair care series that had a long term effect on my hair (it usually only lasts after a day) But I guess its because Ive never tried japanese brands!! And before this post, Ive never heard of KAO! Silly me. Ive been missing out! Ive followed you via GFC~

    BCfactor Blog | bcfactor.blogspot.com

    1. that's why you should try by NOW. hehe.it's never too late to try and love Japan :3

  6. I've never try brad, but it look great! I have dry hair too so I always search good hair prooducts...

    1. this might be the best-est Japanese hair care series i've tried so far.if you're new to Japanese hair care you surely can try this in the first place!

    2. I try japanese hair care one time (something like "Mon chéri") and I loved it so much! My hair was so pretty after! But I don't know how to find japanese hair care products in France ToT I have to search in internet ;)

  7. I've never heard of this product before!!
    where i can find this product?

    1. i'm not sure you can find 3 product in package like what i bought.But yeah, you still can find them separately on sell at drugstore like Watson or Guardian or maybe you can try shop online in sites like Ichibankao or Amazon who ship worldwide :)