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Ever familiar with this line? Yeap ,If you born in the 80-90's era you must know that this famous one is from Sailormoon♥.I remember back then when I was a kid,I never miss the show every Sunday morning ,even borrowed the comics at school library everyday. I particularly was a hardcore fan of Sailormoon. I guess that's probably one the reason why I love Japan so much till now lol
Now as I grow up,I cherished every moment of it and I actually got very surprised to know that a there is a cosmetic line for Sailormoon by Creer Beaute! No wonder that it got really hype these past years! Like they really know how to grant our inner child wish ,being transformed into pretty soldiers with real make up ! I actually first know it from a review of fellow blogger then  i decided to get one especially the eyeliner when I have a trip to Japan last year but sadly it was out of stock.Thank God,a my sister,bought it for me as birthday present.You can't tell how happy I am holding this sacred eyeliner in my hand right now lol XD .Without further ado,here 's my honest review of Sailormoon Miracle Romance Moon stick Eyeliner,enjoy ~
Sailormoon Make up Series is produced by Creer Beaute Cosmetic company,which established since 2006.To be honest, I was not so aware with Creer Beaute ,But lately i found out  that it's a subsidiary company of Bandai Japan.No wonder their product lines e.g La Rose de Versailles and Love Darling Cosme is always in animated-theme,just like this Sailormoon series. 
(L-R : Pink Moon,Moon Stick,Cutie Mood Rod,Moon stick pencil,Disguise pencil,Spiral Heart)
There are actually many types of Sailormoon black eyeliner,but these are the top 5 with wand cap.
Mine is  the second from left ; Moon Stick.Love the crescent moon shape and illustration best.In case you're wondering all of it is in same price except the pencil liners.
ムーンスティック リキッドアイライナー(モチーフパーツ付き)
Made in Japan 
Website : Creer Beaute
✿Color : Black✿
✿Vol : 0.4 ml✿
✿Price :  ¥ 1600✿
(note : price as listed in Japanese website,can be different in each country)
 ---Where to Buy---
Online Shipped Worlwide :YESSTYLE , YESASIA, AMAZON , E-BAY
Ingredients : Water, (ethylhexyl acrylate / methyl methacrylate) copolymer, BG, glycerin, 1,2-hexane diol, (acrylates / methyl styrene / styrene) copolymer ammonium, panthenol, hyaluronic acid Na, centifolia flower water, hydrolysis silk, Penchirengurikoru, caprylyl, ethylhexyl glycerin, silica, carbomer, AMP, methylparaben, phenoxy Sierra tar, carbon black, AI
 All the description is in Japanese. However, it claimed to be :
- Skin Friendly 
-Resistant to sweat, water and sebum
-Waterproof,Easy to remove with warm water
-Easy to draw in 0.1 mm ultra fine brush
At first i thought that in order to put the wand cap,i should remove the original cap...
In fact,you just need to cover the original cap with the wand cap.So it is clearly no need to remove the original one as the wand cap it's only an 'extra'  not really functioned as real cap!
See how can you not love the design? it's ultra cute with soft-pinkish tone gives girly touch and the detail is just awesome!
Thin 0.1 mm brush tip.This what makes it is easier to draw especially for eyeliner newbie ,create precise ,neat and natural look.
Now let's see the Result when Applied..

As you can see...One layer is enough for you who want to create soft eye make.But in order to create bold line,you need to apply multiple layers.The liquid tends to appear more shiny too than applied less.Once applied,it dries quickly.However ,it doesn't really smudged easily as you can tell from the second picture,the consistency of the black liner is pretty adequate. I love that although it's a waterproof  liner,it can be removed easily and doesn't stain.
Applied on eyes,multiple layers

Glides smoothly through skin
Pretty packaging design
Dries quickly
Last all day long
Doesn't smudge
Easy to remove even with (non warm) water
Not intense jet-black color result
Pretty expensive price for such a drugstore brand 
especially outside Japan
Frankly speaking, I'm having love-hate relationship with this eyeliner.I do really in love with the packaging. it's the most cute and lovable eyeliner I ever had and I treasured it so much.But in term of quality in doesn't impress me that much. I was expect strong-black result in just single streak but it turn out that it need multiple streaks to create bold line,moreover it appear to be little shiny afterwards! There are some of my Japanese black liner with better quality and cheaper price.

Let's say..if its not because of Sailormoon edition packaging ,then I would not buy it....
I don't think i will repurchase this...But I'm not saying it's 100% waste to buy it.At least,it can lighten my mood whenever I see it. If you love natural make up and doesn't really mind about the black color consistency or you're just a makeup collector,sucker for good packaging than you can surely try.
Just enjoy the experience of  being Sailormoon once in a while is never wrong :)
RATE  3.5 / 5
[ What do you think of Sailormoon Miracle Romance Moon Stick eyeliner ?
Have you own one too,and What is your favorite of the Sailormoon make up series?
Tell me by comment below ! ]

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  1. OMG this is so cute <3 I want it too >w<

    1. Then get one~it's never to late to ignite our inner childhood dream~ ^3^

  2. omgosh! totally brings back memories but the price is pretty high T_T if not i would have gotten one myself !


  3. There was never real "wave" of Sailor moon in my country, so I don't really know it. But this is so cute! And brush eyeliners are the best! ♥ Thank you for the review~

    Nana ^^

    1. Im glad that this eyeliner comes in pen type which i usually use,not that inky one.it is definetely the cutest eyeliner ive ever had :3

  4. I recently got this eyeliner but I haven't tried it yet. Thanks to your review I now have an idea of what to expect from this product. Haha
    I bought the pink moon because i couldn't find moon stick. OTL

    From Japan, With Love Giveaway ♡ 3 winners

    1. Yeah i never find srore who has them in complete series so i can compare each other in exact.Probably Japanese women are craze over this item too that's why it's always out of stock lol.I've been always eyeing for the moons tick since the very first time i know them. think that beside moon stick,pink moon would be my second option !

  5. Waaaa Sailor Moon :D


  6. Lovely blog!It's so nice to read it and I NEED IT!maybe we could follow each other if you want, just let me know and I'll follow you right back :)
    Laura xx

  7. This packaging is so adorable!! And so many different styles! Too bad that the quality isn't the best. But if I lived in Japan I would buy all of them! I mean.....the packaging is EVERYTHING! <3

    So happy that I found your blog! It's so cute and pretty!
    You're always welcome in my blog! Would love to be friends with you!
    Don't forget to check on my last post ^^

    Take care~

    1. yeahh i think i will never throw them away even though it's run out already hehehehe :p

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  9. omg the packaging is to die for :)

  10. Ah I got the sailor moon eyeliner but I'm too scared to open it as its so pretty! You look super cute btw!

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

    1. Omg same ,I was too! I finally decides to open it aft 3 months lol
      Thank you for your sweet compliment♥