Here we are at the last day of the year.2015 has been a great ,growing yet life-changing year for me.Looking back at this year past resolutions, I'm glad that I fulfilled some of them.Sure my life is getting busier since I'm start working for real this year yet I still manage my time to write(although isn't that routine ,duh) keep this blog.By that ,I will write more and improve myself in the new blank pages of 2016 which in the end probably would even better than 2015.So here I made my 2016 Beauty Resolutions  :)

1.Limit Myself of Buying Unusable Beauty Product
Shopping spree is always fun if you spend your money into the things that you really craze for. For me, it's definitely beauty product.I love to try new invention ,new kind,new brand of beauty product.But I have learned something new this past year that sometimes I cant fully trust my eyes that I end up buy product that is not even my need. I remember once I traveled, I bought a face foam that is made from horse oil.I never heard that brand and the review before and just because the price was like hella cheap ,I bought it anyway and as result I really disappointed with the product!it made my skin went break out and stiff.The product end up just like that on my vanity table.Well,being beauty junkies is totally okay.But gotta be smart in differentiate of what you really need x what you really want.
2.Apply Face Mask Regularly.At Least,Once a Month
I've been into face mask lately.I realize that once I step into my mid twenties,my face skin need extra care.It's not enough to keep it clean and moist.Face mask can help improve overall regimen in which the other facial care product can work more efficiently.It's also a fun thing to add a new regimen to treat skin even better that my self will thank me at the end of year.
3.Change Hair Parting SIde . Go Ombre Hair
I always want a full hair-makeover including change my hair parting.It's been more than twelve years I've the same hair parting.I think I will change it and maybe grow my bangs too and see the new me.
about the Ombre thing,not sure what color that i gonna get.Something pink at the hair ends would be fab but i wanted something green too.Not sure  too whether it's  gonna be permanent or not.I heard that hair chalk are getting popular so maybe I tried them first before getting permanent?kk
4.Learn to do Contouring Make Up
I've buy some beauty 'weapon' to do contouring my round face *_* .I'm not a make up expert but yeah It's never too late to learn ,right?Gotta learn step by step from now on.Anybody here expert in contouring, your help and tips is surely welcomed!
5. Have My Second Beauty Trip at Japan!
For this 2016, I start save up to travel myself or maybe with my sister to have beauty trip at Japan.I also start save up to buy non Japanese makeup and when I finally land there I will go restock my makeup and beauty essentials needs! Every beauty products directly from Japan never fails to impress me.Oh yay!
So that's all my new year beauty resolutions. I think I will add more as time goes by...
Have you guys make one?If so, I would be happy to read and maybe you can suggest me some of yours which i can add to my list !

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  1. Lovely resolutions! I have to do the second one myself, and I already started today! Hahah
    Happy New Year, dear!

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheesePapas

  2. I know its too late but HAppy new year and merry christmas! You've made great and best New Year's resolutions!!
    would you like to follow each other on GFC & G+? If you follow me,
    I will follow you back after it.

  3. wonderful blog!! I follow you on GFC, I wait you on my blog

    keep in touch!!