Hello Lovely Ladies!
As a Japan Lover person,I feel like it is not complete for me not trying Japanese skin and body care products including the very basic and daily product, body soap.And yeah,I'm glad that I found a Japanese brand soap that truly impress me ! *Thanks to Kawaii Beauty Japan who generously sent me this product*

First of all,I would like you to aware with this brand ,CowStyle. It is a Japanese brand who developing personal care product since 1909.No wonder that it is qualified as one of the top brand in Japan!

One of their product which popular these days is this one,CowStyle Milky Body Soap.With fourdifferent kind of scents which are Mild Soap,Relaxing Floral and Refresh Citrus and  Happy Fruity now you can choose happily your favourite scents and be happy to enjoy new showering experience!
CowStyle Milky Body Soap in Relax Floral
Made in Japan
Volume : 580 ml
Price : about IDR 65.000/bottle
Where to get (INDONESIA) :
 Metro Department Store,Watson,Guardian,Grand Lucky
Online - Sukamart , NihonMart

Actually I was given choice to choose which scent that I'd like to have and decided to get the Relax Floral scent just because the packaging is super pretty in pink,it would lighten my bathroom too lol  plus i would like to try what is like to have floral scent lingering my skin.
Cow Style Milky Body Soap consist of real milk ingredients which are rich in essential of Milk Ceramide (Sphyngomyelin),Milk Powder(Skim Milk),Milk Protein(Hydrolizen Casein) Three of them can help  gently moisturizes skin and maintain skin elasticity.
Love how it's is packaged in a non spill pump-cap.The soap color is white tho,not pink as the scent that i expected?then I realized that true that the color is white because it is made from real milk !
Look at how much foam is created with only just one pump!

After showering, I knew that my showering routine won't be the same.The creamy foam of the soap cleanse my skin better than the other soap that I have tried before.I can feel that it completely rid the dullness,soothes my dry skin, moisturizes and makes my skin smoother.It was a good decision too of me to pick the floral scent.It is not too overpowering sweet but more like fresh flower.Very calming and linger for hours!Definitely will restock after I emptied this one! I hope CowStyle would make a travel size product of this body soap so i can enjoy this 'everyday milk-spa' whenever I'm aboard too!

RATE  4.5/5
What do you guys think of CowStyle Milky Body Soap?
Tell me on the comment box below!

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6 komentar

  1. Hello!

    It looks lovely! It reminds me "Ziaja" brand from Poland. They make products from goat milk. I guess, recently milk products are very popular~
    I love how Japanese products really work as they are promising. Thank you for the review! ^^

    Have a nice day, Nana~

    1. I've heard about the goat milk soap too and yeah beauty product from milk are really craze these days i guess that's because it cause less allergic and irritated skin so it's a good choice to go natural :)

  2. You make me really want to try out this product! Generally, anything with milk in it should be amazing <3 and plus this is from Japan! Thanks for this review :D
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. yeah! since i love milk in general too!
      you're welcome Jessie!

  3. this is great =)


  4. Ahh I want to try this too T__T I love trying floral scented things, and it's been super dry here so I think a milky soap will be good!

    Mia - Rainbow Road