Hello Reader,Hello April !
As we head into second quarter of the year,I bet some of you who live in 4 seasons country also already embrace new season ; Spring. But here I am being pathetic because of reality, living in a country that only has 2 seasons per year.In fact ,Spring always remind me of one of my life goals which is to see Sakura flower blooming in Japan.

However, even though I can't manage to see any of them,yet. At least,I get chance to try product from its extract. Yeap,It's a gift from Kawaii Beauty Japan collaborated with PT.Hoyu Indonesia ,presenting me this lovely sakura extract hair care hamper (yass!thank you feel soo blessed )

Product of Japan
1 bottle of Ichikami Shampoo 200ml
1 bottle of Ichikami Conditioner 200g
1 bottle of Ichikami Treatment 200g
1 bottle of l Ichikami Hair Treatment Water 200ml
Total Price ; ± IDR 300.000,-

For you who live in Indonesia,you can find it easily at local drugstore/supermarket
For you who live outside Indonesia,you can find it at Sasa,Guardian,Watson and for online shopping you can check AMAzon,Qoo10,Fishpond.au and Yesstyle .

Perhaps some of you seldom hear this brand before,well Ichikami is a brand manufactured by Kracie Japan which concern in the usage of  mostly natural ingredients in producing hair care products ,such as rice water as extract .Legend of Japan tradition says that rice water can keep hair healthy if we use it regularly .So that's is ..the Japanese women pure beauty hair's secret!

  Rice Premium EX - Sakura - Black Rice - Camellia - Blackberry Lily
Black Soybean - White Sesame Oil - Walnut Oil - Sasanqua Oil - Chinese Soapberry 

Natural Essences all in! (read: bunch of essentials which intented to nourish and protect hair from breakage

The Rinse Off Series : Shampoo ,Conditioner,Treatment

First impression seeing the packaging design is ..CHIC but not too girlish. I really like the fact that they use monotone color as background with pink as the secondary color instead dominate by pink which likely comes in mind because of the Sakura concept. Plus,4 of them have this Sakura flower scent which drives me curious.When I opened the bottle for the first time,I was like..".mm...  so this is the smell of sakura flower ,light and  refreshing!" Better try it if you also as curious as me!

Ichikami Hair Shampoo
The shampoo obviously is the most outstanding since it's the only one packed in white.This color difference makes it easier to grab and differentiate with  another 3 since its the most primary one.Ichikami Hair Shampoo purposed to reduce hair friction and hair damage with its smooth foam.It may not came out too foamy as you shampooing but you can feel the smoothness absorbs into your scalp.

Ichikami Hair Conditioner
Purposed to remove the dullness of hair and make it more shiny.Note that ,always make sure to leave the conditioner for some minutes after apply it thoroughly  hair  before rinse off ,unless you'll never get the impact.

Ichikami Hair Treatment
Next step for next greater impact It purposed to help moist the hair you can cover your hair with a towel with lukewarm water after applying for more effective result. Only use this treatment after you finish apply the shampoo and conditioner..Better use it 2-3 times per week or daily if you have serious hair breakage.

 Close Up View

Non Rinse off -  Ichikami Hair Treatment Water
Realized that shampooing ,conditioning,and treatment is not enough for me who has dry hair.I need extra care to keep my hair moist every time.This Ichikami Hair Treatment water is just like a perfect answer to my problem.With its rice squalane /rice extract ingredients it should prevent the hair cuticle for being damaged.Just spray it few times in 5-10 cm in distance,let it absorbs while comb your hair. Note that better apply this after blow dry / ironing.You may find it doesn't really affect at first like me,but after a while I can feel it keep my hair in the place,neat and slightly soft.Best thing is,it doesn't make my scalp feels itchy unlike my old hair treatment.

I've been use this Kracie Ichikami hair care hamper for about a week and honestly i can feel bit improvement on my hair.It becomes smooth, less dull and no more tangle when i comb it.I'll use regularly for now and see if there's more improvement,Perhaps I'll stick with this brand ^_*

Rate 4/5

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13 komentar

  1. Great review! I've only ever tried their hair mask but I was so impressed (o^^o) Thank you for sharing<3
    ~Kiyomi <3

    1. i never tried their hair mask but it seems as great as all of these, im planning to have one then :)
      You're welcome!

  2. Replies
    1. It is! it works for all hair type and highly recommended for dry hair :D

  3. wow I have to say I like the packaging =)
    maybe you have a loss on f4f?


    1. Ikr,the sakura illustration and color perfectly fit the concept!

  4. I loved the review the bottle themselves are soooo pretty aaah it makes me want to get my hand on them and try it out. loved the post I can't wait for more~ hehe I've just followed xx

    Sindy :D

    1. thank you sweet!i hope you can get them asap <3

  5. Why is your blog so pretty?! I need your photography skills, haha.
    Great review, by the way! I really want to try out their Hair Treatment Water now. ^^

    1. Aww..you make me blushin! thanks for such kind words, gabriella!
      im still learning tho >.<♥

  6. I've heard of this product before and wanted to try it but it's not available here unfortunately :( Your hair looks pretty healthy x


    1. thanks Chloe..yes it;s on the process and i can see that my hair is getting healthier day by day !
      oh!have you try to check online shopping?its already available on Amazon.com btw :)

  7. I really llike design of it. And of course I like your smooth hair ♥Lovely photos ♥

    Love from Slovakia ~

    ℓα ℒιcσrηe - ℒa vie est ℓa petite ℓicorne.