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It's been a while since i blog about skincare review.Just got this little package as present from my bestie a while ago.Well,who doesn't know THE BODY SHOP,their brand are well known for 'inspired by nature' wide varieties of  body-care product.Looking at this white musk product, I reminded by something but i couldn't recall it... Little did I know,It was a short TV ads while watching my favorite korean drama. Perhaps you've seen it too?

And here's the male version product ads,featuring Hyun Bin 
Enjoy free eye candy .ladies !



Ok ok enough for fangirling Hyun Bin,now back to the topic kkk!

:*: ゚・✿The Body Shop White Musk Mini Gift Cube ✿・゚ ,。・:*:
(works for all skin types)
Size :  11 x 11 cm
What's inside
1 White Musk Sumptous Silk Shower Gel 60 ml
1 White Musk Smooth Satin Body Lotion 60 ml
1 Ultra Fine Cream Bath Lily
Price : SGD 15.90 refer to here
Place : every The Body Shop store

Judging by the size,we can tell that The Body Shop White Musk Mini Gift Cube purposed for a travel company.It's practical bring this mini package along your getaway trip. Another plus point is when you are eager to try their product,but don't know which one you suit you best, I think it's a wise choice to buy this mini size , rather than  buy the normal one but end up you don't like them.Less regret.

Speaking of the scent matter,both of them have a signature light smell .I do realize that words cannot express it best but lemme give you illustration to portray the mood :

                                                                         picture credit ©

                              Imagine walking in the musk flower garden. Calm,pure and sensual feel indeed.

Oh by the way, I am mesmerized by how The Body Shop always held good campaign involved us customer for better nature and living.,Just like this Wood Positive campaign which purposed to preserve more and plant more tree.Buying their product means automatically engage ourself to contribute with the campaign.Thumbs up!

White Musk Sumptuous Silk Shower Gel
Really love I get lot of foams just by single drop!And after towel dry,I can feel it moist my dry skin. bit by bit.About the scent,it  can lasts  until 3-6 hours ,just like having a body mist.love it!

White Musk Smooth Satin The Body Lotion
The lotion texture comes a bit fluid but fast absorbs into the skin.Unlike the shower gel,the scent isn't strong after application.You can only smell little hint of white musk if you take a closer smell the surface of your skin .However,the scent doesn't doesn't stay after 1-2 hours and I feel like i don't really feel that it smooth en my skin .Well maybe ...just a little?

Conclusion. I personally like the shower gel as i can really feel the benefit on my skin immediately while it's not work with the body lotion.It will be my pleasure if i have chance to trade them with one bottle of another white musk shower gel if I could..kk

By the product usage,since I don't have a plan to go travel anywhere soon,.I decided to use this only once a week.weekend.Why?because I'm sure it will run out already after a week in regular usage considering the size.So i decided to enjoy it providently ,it's simply fun isn't it to swap over your regular bath routine product with something different at the other day! Kind of  special to give yourself ordinary bath experience once a while.Who knows that simple happiness like this can enlighten your week ?

I don't know about the other body lotion and shower gel products of The Body Shop since it's my first use them.I do admit they got many unique smell but nah.,I don't think it make significant improvement on my skin.I will think twice if I have chance to buy their body care product because my main goal to use body care product is not just about the great the packaging nor the scent but merely the function to keep my skin moist everyday.

 Rate : 3/5
 How about you? What do you seek in body care product? Comment below!

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  1. I love the body shop :D their scents are great and so are their cosmetics tbh.. Overall one of the most decent companies around!!

    1. yess i love it too the fact that they use natural ingredients and mostly non alergic products

  2. Your photography is beautiful!
    I love how foamy the shower gel is~ Seems really good ^.^

    Would you like to follow each other? :')

    1. Thank you , michelle!yess me likey too.bubble bubble ^.^

  3. Oh very nice gift cube♡(.◜ω◝.)♡


  4. I like this body shop’s musk scent but never tried body items.
    Now winter is over, I feel like updating body items for new season! Thanks for the review!

    xxx from Tokyo

    1. Youre welcome and you should try it esp the shower gel!

  5. Great blog!
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    Have a nice day!