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Back again at #cafehopping edition.No review about beauty or fashion things yet just food and good place to chill ! Tbh this post supposed to be published last year,by the time i visited there.But sorry ,so sorry blame the lazy me who can only manage to post just now.Let's say this is a #throwback post!
Entertainment, History, Architecture and Beauty in one complex that's in
 the heart of the city
Location : 30 Victoria Street, Singapore
Phone : +65 6337 7810
Opening Hours : 24 hrs-daily
By it's logo and the front entrance of the complex ,we can tell that it has a churchy feel.The fact is,It is previously a catholic school for girls and a chapel.Now the complex established as place to hangout as soon as many restaurants,bars and shops pop up.Italian,Japanese,Mexican,Cantonese,Malaysian Cuisine-you name it.This place has it all! Moreover,this place also a  versatile place where most event held in the CBD of Singapore.

Frankly says,the exterior and interior design which has historical feels truly enchant me!I was not surprised to found out that the architect designer is George Coleman,the one who also designed for Old Parliament House.No wonder every single corner is so instagrammable !
Sexy Vintage Staircase!
Spacious Balcony 
They says it best to visit at early evening because the lights is on but I only had chance to visit them during afternoon.Thank's God the weather cooperated well.Not too windy or raining .Just perfect cloudy day.Because, most cafes is open-air,it feels so good to chill and just enjoy the nature breeze !
There is many good cafes inside and i just cant pick one but at that time ,I craved so bad for a nasi lemak .Thankfully,I found Toast Box outlet and immediately get in to satisfy my crave!
Yum Yum :D this only costs around SGD 6.5!
nice spot in front of Toast Box featuring falling leaves

I would gladly visit Chjimes again in the future as I'm not done exploring and try each of them T__T
Later,i'll visit in the evening to see how it's beautifully decorated with lights on.By noon,this place is perfect for you to who plan to have  reunion with a group of friends and just wanna have a peace of mind with fresh air and chit-chat without being bothered by the crowd,.Visit here by night and weekdays,if you plan to have a romantic date or just enjoy the crowd :)

What do you think about Chijmes?Do you like to hang out at place like this?Kindly comment below !

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  1. Such a beautiful place! Will note that down to visit during the evening when the lights are on :)

  2. really great photos ^^

  3. omg this place looks sooo grande. How come I only heard about it just now! I badly want to visit SG someday. Even tho I heard there's discrimination against my race there lol =.= but wtv

    1. kkk me too. 5 years being SG loyal tourist but just discovered last year *_*

  4. such a beautiful place! i'd love to visit there if i have the chance to go singapore again!


  5. So beautiful pictures! I want to go there now >w<