Hi Ho~ Before i start this post,i’d like to say this:
,。・:*:・゜,Happy New Year 2015 ,。・:*:・゜,
New start,New hope and New opportunity!
May this year bring us prosperity luck and more success in whatever we do!

So,how was your New Year holiday? For me,I spent this new year travelling to Jakarta,
the capital city of Indonesia.Seeing many building and sky crapper big city makes my heart flutter.
and of course,shopping time is the main goal of this holiday!
I've created some wishlist to be fulfilled  and one of them is...
to grab a Japanese Fashion Magazine!

You know,its’been hard for me to search over japan fashion magazine in my hometown bookstores.I can only grab them when i am traveling to another bigger city/ country or 
update myself via JMAGAZINESCANS

So i headed over to Kinokuniya bookstore right away to find some.
There was plenty of them such as CanCam,Vivi,With,Scawaii ,Maquai also some seasonal catalogue from j clothing brands like Liz Lisa,Snidel and many more.HEAVEN.
Some of them are included with mini bonus such as handbag,totebag,wallet,lipbalm,handcream and many more.It was a tempting moment,all of them is such eyecandies for me! tbh,i was end up comparing after the bonuses instead of the magazines .LOL.

But this i one caught my eyes the most.SNIDEL A/W 2014 Photo Catalogue. Snidel is always be one of my favorite when it comes to Japanese Clothing brand.I always love how they pay attention with the detail and fabric selection .They mostly use soft/neutral color palette to emerge 
cute yet mature impression  in one line.

Brand : SNIDEL
Spec : 73 pages
Release date : November 28th 2014
Language : Japanese
Price : IDR 312.000 or ¥1400 
Where to buy : Kinokuniya Bookstore
Pondok Indah Mall,Jakarta

It’s OK if you don't really understand Japanese because it contains more photo than article.
The price also stated after each item pictures

Here goes some seek peek over the catalogues :
(/ps:sorry my scanner is not working,so i captured this with my camera :/ )

ROLA as main cover. She's such a gorgeous lady!

Romantic GirlRelax Feminine and Urban Sporty.

Which style do you prefer?


A spread of Mikiko Yano meets Snidel

now,the bonus :

Brand :SNIDEL 
Type : Shoulder Bag
Spec : 19 x 25 x 3 cm
zipper,removable strap,silica gel,
two small pockets in the inside
Material : Leather
Color : Creme
Spec : 19 x 25 x 3 cm


Love love the shoulder bag!the golden locks accents the chic-classy looks of the bag !
I like the way that we able to take off the strap if we feel like to wear it as clutch bag.

 This is how i pair it with my tutu dress 

Honestly,i feel like i was buying a bag with bonus
 catalogue instead of the catalogue with bonus bag.
Simply bc the quality of the bag is supernice.plus,it's limited edition anyway.
i don't think they sell it separated with the catalogue.
This might be the affordable option and easy way to get Japanese branded bag/product if you don't feel like online shopping or can’t find in your hometown. Big thanks goes to all J-magazine marketers out there for this ideas!haha!

What do you think about this catalogue ?tell me in the comment section below!

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  2. Happy New Year to you too!
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    1. thank you dear!yes..but maybe u can still grab them if the catalogur still available :D!

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  7. The photobook and purse look great! I love the purse paired with your tutu dress :)
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    1. thanks lisa! yes,luckily,i have the same colored dress that match with the bag ^^

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  15. Hi Ann!
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