Hi guys!
Today's post is about cafe review!yeap,beside shopping and blogging, my other hobby is just
simply do cafe hopping, a.k.a go around the town, from cafe to cafe to hunt yummy foods and also nice spot to chill ^^

Personally, i have my own preferencese in choosing the right cafe to chill and dine in.Conceptual cafe along with the taste of the food is always be my priority. I mean,nowadays,new cafes pop up everywhere,just like what happen in my hometown,over 50 new cafe/resto set up per year,trying to show their own uniqueness and promotion.Frankly say,its a basic to have strong concept to be able to stand out from others.If they have a good concept then they fail to impress me .lolol.

Sounds so picky but yeah i love to explore cafe with good concept and take insight of how they manage their brand since I'm dreaming of having my own cafe someday :))

This is one of the conceptual that cafe that has caught my eyes!so yeah, i decided to take a visit !

(warning:this post is 100% based on my honest opinion as a cafe hopping lover!)

lemme introduced you with this first :

・*:.。. .。.:*・ARANZI ARONZO・*:.。. .。.:*・
ever heard / do you ever see these characters somewhere?yeap, this little cuties called aranzi aronzo friends!They are cute,strange,cool ,a little bit horrible,stupid,silly and comfortable .Shortly,just bunch of KAWAII characters made by a company of Mrs.Saito and Ms.Yomura.I knew and began fall in love with them at 2012 through tumblr and I'm lucky to know they have established cafes in my country ^^*

Location : Central Park Mall 1st Floor
                           Jl.Let.Jend S.Parman Kavling 28 
  Jakarta, Indonesia
                                    ●Phone : +62-21-29200489

・*:.。. .。.:*・THE INTERIOR・*:.。. .。.:*・
the uniqueness start with the unusual color of the interior.yep, they painted  it all over with cool's kinda mix between some blue and mint green with touch of white.Well,seeing a restaurant/cafe using cool color is might be little unusual.Because based on color theory,the appropriate color to raise appetite is warm color family. But yeah, back at the concept,it's always been Aranzi Aronzo signature to use cool color as dominant in their design and it's okay since their menu is mostly dessert ! 
For table seating, they have normal ,bar-type seating,cottage-like seating,and also a tatami seating but it occupied already when i get there so i can't try having proper japanese cafe - chillin *sobs

The pop up Aranzi Aronzo characters is so  everywhere! It's like ,visit the cafe is same with visit their base camp lol.Each of them have different pose and pop in unexpected corner.just like the picture below. " Hey hey people would you like some coffee/or tea at our place?". (Basically that's on my mind when i saw them waving like that)

・*:.。. .。.:*・MERCH CORNER・*:.。. .。.:*・
Another plus point of this pop up cafe,they have a merchandise corner inside the cafe! You can find stationeries,cutlery,phone covers of your favorite character here!i can't hold my laugh when i see them bc all of them well illustrated with such a humorous - expression  ! hahaha~ 

so cute eh?

・*:.。. .。.:*・THE MENU・*:.。. .。.:*・
i can tell that the famous and favorite gourmet of the cafe is the cake.Yeap,as you can seeat the storefront,it's presenting each cake with the shaped of Aranzi Aronzo character's faces!Too cute to be eaten! Others than that,they are also have menu such pancake,salad,sandwich,coffee,tea,etc 

It was lunch hour so i ordered a Black Rabbit Chocolate Fruit Cake (around IDR 55K / USD 5) as main course.It's basically a chocolate sponge cake topped with slice of fruits such as melon,peach and strawberry along with whipped cream,and for the whole 'rabbit ears' they add a dark chocolate . Based on the appearance this cake look well made and delicate.But to be honest the taste is mm...kinda bland? Sure i can feel that the cream texture is soft and the sponge cake is nice but I'm expecting more of this combination.

Nom Nom Nom! I ordered Kuro Usa Strawberry Soda(around IDR 43k or USD 4). Not sure why they came up with 'kuro usa ' phrase for this drink...Overall this drink tastes fresh but not too sweet since the sweetness is likely pure from the strawberry without any sugar added See there's a thing that floated on the bottom of my glass?yes it's the strawberry!

 special box when you like to have them takeaway~

Aside from the service and the outer look that is already good and attractive,I feel it's kind of regret if the rate of food styling not balance with the taste of the menu. Idk with the other menu but with this experience,I kinda agree with statement that say don't judge a food by its look. If they can make an improvement on the taste i think this would be perfect since Japanese cute cafe like this is one of kind in my country.Beside the service and the ambiance of this cafe is already good! 

Would i came to this cafe later?well,maybe yes?since the ambiance it's perfect for a short chit chat or just teatime with your loved ones (^__^) 

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5 komentar

  1. That cafe looks so cute!!~ Sadly, the cake wasn't that yummy... ;/; But I still would love to taste the Panda one ^_^ So kawaii!
    Love, Jenny

    1. Yeah the panda has the quirkiest expression among others ^^

  2. Oh wow, this cafe is way so cute! Kawaii, indeed!
    My nieces will probably want to come to cafes like this!

    But I hope they'll improve their food taste since you seem like not satisfied with it. Maybe for now I could only say it's cute. :)

    Jhem |

    1. ikr.its like all age restaurant .the kawainess not only impress kids,ive seen some of the customer is adult ~kk