Lately ,I've been eye-ing for magenta -colored lipstick because i realized that my lipsticks are all in orange or red shades that make me feel so boooring with them. I feel need to find new color that can refresh my looks. Lucky me ,as i rambling around the town and stopped at John Little,I found the right shade of magenta colored lipstick which i always wanted.

Yes it is,Mikatvonk.Never heard this brand before? mm.me too. This is my first time hearing the name.
Tbh, I'm not kinda used to try non familiar make up brand but considering that it is sell at John Little as trusted drugstores plus have tried the sample which turn out pretty nice,I decided to buy it!

✿Origin : South Korea✿
✿Net Wt : 3.4 gr✿
✿Price : around SGD 20✿
✿Place : John Little ,Plaza Singapura✿

Mikatvonk is originally made in Korea but gain attention in Sydney ,Australia. That is because the line is owned and created by the collaboration of Mr.Kim,a korean previously sales rep of VOV and Jay Jay Rauwenhoff ,an Australian based professional make up artist.The name Mikatvonk came from "Mik is Kim back to front and Vonk (in Dutch) means spark to the brand" -source

Based on what i researched, Mikatvonk is a brand new makeup line that just established few years ago.No wonder when i try visit their official website address ,the link is not working.Maybe they're still working on it? 0_0

The packaging design is just kind of simple and standard more likely ordinary of drugstore cosmeticbrand .The description comes both in hangul and english. It written that "the formula treats lips to rich color with well - moisturized.Vegetable extract and Water holding system keep moisture from evaporating all the day.High glossy formula delivers vivid color."
the color appear to be bold and sheer - matte 
Left : Before   --- Right : After Applied 
Personally I love that i can use this lipstick during daytime or night occasion.The lipstick itself has no shimmer which is me likey :) I'm not a fan of shimmery/glittery lipstick because i have a  kind of full lips shape,it will make it super weird if i add any shimmer!

Rate : 5/5

I really like this product ! It doesn't cause my lips dry even after long application and even without applied any lip balm before.I love that the magenta shade suit my skin color and makes me feel more feminine.
I hate lipstick that turn out to be lump once you applied on your lips. But this one is different, it is highly pigmented,even,and pretty moist at the same time!
Mikatvonk may (still) underrated but i think the quality is pretty good.I always tell myself to prioritize the quality rather than the brand,simply bc i've seen may of high-end brand make up doesn't always turn out good in reality unlike the campaign. I think i will buy more make up product from Mikatvonk once they broaden their distribution.So far, i can only find it available at John Little SG and LightInTheBox for International shipping.

So what do you think about this lipstick? Comment Below ^v^

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16 komentar

  1. The packaging looks so pretty! It definitely caught my eyes! You did a great review and that lipstick suits you a lot :)
    Honestly, I own only pink and peachy lipsticks haha!

    1. thankyou for the kind words dear,now im gain more confident in wear pink shades lipstick ^^

  2. oh god, i love the pink shade, look so pretty. anyway the color look perfect on you!


  3. Love this colour! ^-^
    I found your blog thanks to Liebster Award and I really love it! Your pictures are stunning and I adore all these pastel and bright colours you use!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog dear and I will follow you back!

    1. hehehe i currently obsessed with pastel! so yeah, I designed this blog in pastel blue family!

  4. Great color! :)

    Christina ♥

  5. Adorable color for your lips!
    You are so pretty!

  6. The lipstick is very pigmented, nice :) I am following your blog via GFC, it would be nice if you followed me back :)


  7. Such a beautiful colour ^^
    Love pigmented colours so much.


  8. Never know this brand before, the packaging is so pretty.
    The color suits you well :)

  9. such a pretty color and the container or what ever its called is so pretty!