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Few months ago,i decided to re-colour my hair because my black roots already grown longer
as you can see above,so contrast with my hair ends ~.~
last time i dyed my hair was around August 2013 it was Raspberry Jam by Palty 
almost one year ,meh.no doubt the red hue have gotten fade

Many of you may know that bubble hair color often produced by Japan brands 
as I myself ,also fan Japan bubble hair color,simply because it's practical 

But earlier this year ,i just know that Tony Moly which is a Korean brand produced their own bubble hair color! Since some of my make ups and skincare are also from Tony Moly ,I dare to give it a try
Based on what I've experience, the quality of its makeup product and skincare are pretty good tho..
So...why not?

Color : Red Wine
Origin : South Korea
Price : about  5.500 KRW

Unlike Japanese bubble hair like Palty,Liese Prettia ,Beauty Labo that usually packaged in cute design,
This Tony Moly Bubble Hair Color aiming simple design. This feels somewhat exclusive .

The Color Chart Results
It works like this ; The more light color of the origin hair,then the red hue will be more strong
So,If your hair is originally jet black don't be surprised that it will hint only slight of red on your hair
notice that it may not gives you 100% similar results like what shown in the box
even though,you hair is already bleached ,it may turns just 'pretty-same-look' due to
different types of hair and condition
Ah,and please note  that i never done bleached my hair before

Inside The Box
1. Pump bottle 
2. Hand Gloves 
3. Color Liquid bottle
4. Hair Treatment Sachet
5.Manual Script (in Hangul)

The manual script comes in Hangul ,but at least the illustration help us to understand
Ah! If you're also a hair bubble user before,the usage is pretty much same with the others brand :)

1. Pour all the Color Liquid from Black Bottle into the Pump Bottle
2.Carefully close tight the Pump Bottle 
3.Start to shake it upside down  for 10 until 15 times ,just like the illustration in (step 2)
4. Check that your mixture is well blended by push the pump gently
4. The foam should be came out purple just like this
5.Divide your hair into sections,Start from the base to the ends ,
Apply the foam just like you're  shampooing your hair
6.It's important to make sure that the foam apply to your hair evenly , you can look up at the mirror or ask others to help
7.If you're done,and wait for 30 minutes for the hair color works on your hair

7.After 30 minutes passed,You can shower your hair with lukewarm water and use The Hair Treatment sachet to prevent your hair from dryness
8.Blow dry your hair and..Tada! New hair color is here!

 My black roots definitely cover up!

  But Ehhck..my hair becomes so dry than before ! >,<
I would say that this product effective to highlight your hair and the pigment is strong
 but i can't help the dryness after.I don't know which was wrong ,
the chemical itself too strong or the hair treatment doesn't help.
This is the first time I kinda disappointed with Tony Moly,
well for their hair products of course;__;

Also,I feel like Tony Moly really inverse with Palty .
While Palty doesn't really shown up the red color tint,
it makse my hair softer and kinda oily

3 out of 5 stars from me,

/ps. i re-dyed my hair at salon 1 month later after this because the color starts fading 
so it's only gives the strong red pigment 1- 2-weeks after coloring

Read about my past hair bubble experience with  different brand : 

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