it's December already and I'm back here to review my recent cosmetic haul ^^
Perhaps some of you,who's fan of Japan Cosmetic brand,you may familiar with this name
 yeap, CANMAKE

From what i've observed ,this brand is somewhat targeted for teens - 20 something lady( like me) since the brand itself gives 'young and cheerful' feels.Let's just see the products from my haul last weeks :

Price : SGD 20.9
Place to Buy : John Little at Plaza Singapura

This set consist of :
 ♥   1 canmake perfect stylist eyes
  ♥  1 canmake quick easy eyeliner
                ♥  1 canmake heart shaped logo keychain
                     ♥  2 bottles of canmake colorful nails polish

Now i will review the product one by one~START! 

 ♥ CANMAKE Perfect Stylist Eyes
original price : ¥ 780
I got no[07] which is GATEAU FRAMBOISE.According to the site, the shades supposedly make your eyes look more glamorously cute.The palette has 5 colors : pale pink,light brown,rosy pink ,dark brown and pearly light lavender which is define as base(A) , neutral style(B),bright style(C), liner(D) and topping jewel(E) . I think it's a great idea to put in guideline to contour eyeshadow.Time save ~
This include an fine tipped applicator, eye brush and sponge in 1 when applying,i usually use the sponge to blend the main color to create depth and brush to contour ,but back again  ,it's depend on how you usually use it!look at the powder, very shimmering~ Im so in the mood of the shimmer makeup since its already holiday season ~ahaha

This is the color when  applied on my hand, from right to left :  A,C,E,B,D
Personally i like the darker palette more because it applies well while the lighter color need extra layers to be able really show up, just like the topping jewels (C) which  can be use to highlight the inner corner of eyes. 

Next is ...

 ♥ CANMAKE Quick Easy Eyeliner in Black
Original price : ¥500
 tbh its' my second time using time using this product and i still love love it!

The pen is pointed,gives you a thick black line in just one stroke .Intense color for all daylong,pretty fast to dry and doesn't smudge.This is why i always prefer to use pen liner rather than liquid eyeliner,it;s just easy to apply for upper eyelids and lower lash ! Very recommended for those who are first learning a make up even or daily
 ♥ CANMAKE Coloful Nails
#11Lemon Cream and #36 Strawberry Milk  
Original price : ¥360 per item
Actually in there's many options of couple nail polish  in the set but i choose this set that has these two just because i run out of yellow nail polish kkk!first time for me to try nail polish by canmake, pretty nice i think ,it came out evenly also stay long enough

thankfully yellow one is fine  but the pink one need multiply in order to stand out ~

♥ CANMAKE Heart Shaped Keychain
This is the only non makeup product , but that's what attract me  the most through the whole set actually ;) the design might be simple but im sucker for a pretty little things like this.Best part is,,it's LIMITED only for the glamour set,I don't find it separately sell
Love the illustration at the back of this makeup pouch!
Soo girly and cute at the same time!
The pouch is now used as my daily make up pouch
 that i carry anywhere!

CANMAKE is suitable for those who prefer quick-easy makeup with affordable price, just like what this SET purposed for,so does for those who love to wear girly makeup.You can tell form the brand.Obviously within their packaging,color palettes,and promotion.

 4 of 5 stars 

I would constantly use their product as I am satisfied enough to use them during my daily activity.Some of their product like the eyeliner,powder and lipstick are my favorites while the others are good enough to satisfy me.Sadly, it kinda hard for me to find their product in SG
last time i can't find any at Watson or SASA branches T_T Luckily,John Little  at Plaza Singapura still had it and their collection is pretty equipped there along with another Japanese make up brands.Make sure you go straight there if you're looking for CANMAKE ! hehe~

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  1. What a great haul! I adore that makeup bag :D The nail colors are so cute! I love the pink one ^^

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    Nice revew :D

  3. intresting review! the products are so cute!!!! Thanks for sharing~
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