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my thought on my blog

It's 2021 already . What a half year already since my last post ! It reminded me the time when I started writing on this was around September 2009 . That was the time the url is not but something that is so cheesy and silly which I hardly even remember now. I was just a high- schooler who jotted everything on my mind. Mostly about school stuffs, friends ,love life ,dreams..sorts of naive teenager stuff, you name it ,lol ( thank God , I deleted all of them already πŸ˜…). I didn't have to worry about what to write, what's on people's mind while reading my posts  ,or how messy my blog can be. It's just fun to simply express myself with unspeakable words and made friends through blogwalking. 

As time goes by, I took a step forward to turn this blog into platform to share more about my passion especially in beauty and travel related stuff also began monetize it little by little. During that time, I'm happy to be expand connection with new friends through blogging than before and even joined some blogger communities.It was a time when this blog traffic feels like truly alive!

Yet, compared to this year... I do aware that the trend of blogging are slowly vanishing. This was followed by some of my blogger friends and mutual influential bloggers that I've been following since, decided to deactivate their blog, and the rests prefer to expressing themselves into simpler platform like instagram ,youtube or, tiktok than conventional method like blog. I can understand their reason because I also hardly have time for blogging here.

I'm in torn between keeping this blog alive or not because my personal life is getting hectic, the outbreak that happened since last year forced me to stay at home and, not able to travel anywhere therefore creating content about it. I also find myself , losing interest in creating beauty contents. In the other hand,I've focused myself writing and being contributor on a Christian site. Yet , despite of all cause,  I still fond of this blog of mine ,my loyal companion for 11 years...

What do I do now? I guess the right answer is back at me.. It's my blog,anyway . I genuinely want this blog to be alive ,still and  revert to its first purpose - a place to share whatever that I want, not limited by any category of content and obviously ,most importantly, not for the sake of views. Hopefully this blog can be a tiny life record of myself ..So when I get older, at least it can bring a smile at my face whenever I'm backtracking my posts. Till then,  :)

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