museum of modern contemporary art in nusantara review
The current hippiest place on town! or probably I should say, among Indonesian's instagram feeds. (you'll know why ,later in the last of this post) I've seen so many people in Jakarta visiting this place. Perks of being 'kekinian', they said. Yet joining the force,was not my solely  purpose .Ever since 2 years ago,I always wanted to have a solo museum tour . Being a graphic designer , myself , I feel like I'm in need to fill in my inner art craving and dig some inspiration.That's why,when I happen to be at Jakarta on last year's year end holiday, I finally have chance to visit this place , Museum of Modern Contemporary Art in Nusantara.
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Address :  AKR Tower , Jl. Panjang no .5 Kebon Jeruk, 
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Phone :  +6221- 22121888
( tuesday-sunday , 10 am - 7 pm )
Ticketing : https://ticket.museummacan.org/EV900004
(better to book ticket via online, you'll be happily skip long queue especially during weekend)

Museum M.a.c.a.n is all about the modern contemporary art flows in Indonesia in the time span.Many significant artworks comes from local artist and some famous like Andy Warhol. It depicts political evidence, social critics and some including controversial still life. The museum also has many active programs and events during certain time. Right Now is Art Turns , World Turns till March 18th 2018.
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First thing first, I have to say this museum has clean environment and minimalist interior design.Once I arrived there, I know I'll spend times more than i know it.The interior landscape is well designed and dominated with white , there showcased each artworks along with description  .It's almost feels like getting lost inside of giant books,lol.
indonesian museum macan
The first art that caught my eyes was Indonesian history section. here 's Dullah,oil on canvas painting , portrayed how Bung Karno, our first president proclaimed Indonesia during the revolutionary war.
dollar museum macan
Everybody wants it,Dollar. 
hope museum macan jakarta
museum tour
the social media movement - #jamannow ?lol

museum tour museum macan experience jakarta
 All Indonesian can relate; FLOOD.
museum jakarta
Matter of Dependency
hulk museum macan
Would you Imagine, HULK bae bringing flowers in front of your doorstep?
kaikai kiki murakami museum
Familiar with the flowers icon? yeah it is, one of the most popular Haruki Murakami artwork (which collaborated with Shu Uemura sometimes ago)
museum tour museum macan takashi murakami
KiKi , Kai Kai. Brave ,Strong and Sensitive

and last...the most highlighted part..
yayoi kusama asia
Yayoi Kusama -  Infinity Mirror Room, Brilliance of The Souls
This artwork is probably the most well known- influencing work of Yayoi Kusama herself ,while she is suffering rijinsho at child,a depersonalizational disorder, made her experiencing  hallucination ,sometimes her vision covered  flashes of lights or dense of dots.I'll never know fact like this until I visited this museum

At some point,I still don't understand why,people are so into this infinity mirror things. I mean, yes this artwork is so beautiful and praiseworthy .But to queue around 2 hours just for the sake of 'precious" 45 secs inside of still does not make sense.Maybe they (people) are driven by FOMO , maybe they are diehard fans of Yayoi Kusama, or somebody who just want to apprecciate a modern fine art like me. Thus, whatever it is, I'm glad to see so many people encouraged themselves to be more open minded towards art and design.
museum tour museum macan review
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Museum M.a.c.a.n also has this site called Children Art Space. A fun, educating area to introduce young ones learn more about art and having fun together. Another area is a mini workshop , selling some unique , artsy souvenir that can't be found nowhere but here
museum tour museum macan
I am truly in awe with this museum.Being here for only 1 and half hours feels 'full' , energized and made me happier than usual  shopping at mall. Surely some creative minds would love if Indonesia has many Indonesia has more place like this as inspiring recreational site for self or family. Matter of fact, maybe museum tour is what you needed to refresh mind..So would you try it sometime too?

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