sweet escape travel to jakarta in a day
Hi ladies, how’s your day after the new year holiday? Are you getting a holiday hangover or are you simply desire to have a short getaway soon because you have not yet fully enjoy last year holiday? I have this idea of travelling that you might try .Why not having a sweet escape to a neighbor country in a day to refresh your mind?

I just got back from NYE Holiday from Jakarta,that’s why this time I’ll talk about having a sweet escape to Jakarta as capital city of my home country as one of the opt recommended to consider if you live within ASEAN region.

Being an Indonesian myself, The fact that Malaysia is our neighbor country and had a very productive relationship with Malaysia is beneficial (budget and time) especially in the term of flight booking .As we know, the flights are typically between the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (1) and Soekarno-Hatta Airport (which is the closest airport to the city ) This in relation make the flight booking process for Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta flights or reverse are relatively easier for everyone to enjoy travelling or having a sweet escape in a day.
  jakarta bundaran HI travel spot
bundaran HI, one of the most popular striking landmark in Jakarta 
First thing firstHow to Get Your Flight Booking On ?
There are 12 airlines that fly from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta, with Singapore Airlines having the most daily flights, although Garuda Airlines has the most non stop return flights.

It’s always good to check out the rates from travel and holiday sites that have partnered up with mainstream airlines. The rates are mostly greatly discounted to assure competitive pricing and drive traffic. One of the main players are that I'm familiar with is Traveloka, which has been pretty popular over the past couple of years, so it’s worth checking out. You can to visit their website to look out flight booking deals and promotions because from what I gather, they have that a lot. Their layout is also pretty user friendly so it’s quick to get a hold on what sort of range you should be preparing.
jakarta landscape travel
Potrait of the city's landscape, rooftop view from my hotel at Kuningan district
Why Jakarta?
Why? Why well not? Although I’m not living in Jakarta , I agree that Jakarta’s got a lot of attractions that pull in a lot of people, with the state itself being one of the world’s most common traveled to destinations instead of other cities of Indonesia.From days-gone-by heritage to exotic cultures, from a vibrant nightlife to an explosive shopping scene, and from wholesome family holidays to exciting backpacking adventures, Jakarta has something in it for everybody.
best mall in jakarta central park
Central Park Mall - One of my most fave mall with modern outdoor view
 Get Your Binoculars Up !
Jakarta is a hot spot for a definite unique shopping experience in Asia. There’s a ridiculous abundance of shopping malls and centres, holding the record for the biggest area space in a single city, covering a total of 550 hectares. It was estimated that there are close to a hundred full fledged shopping centres. For a state that covers 6,392 square kilometers (the capital region itself is 662 square kilometers), that is A LOT!
 The top five malls ,that I frequently enjoy are:
1. Plaza Senayan: Although a tad smaller than the rest, it’s more upscale.
2. Pondok Indah Mall: A healthy selection of high-end and mid-range retail shops.
3. Grand Indonesia Shopping Town: One of the grandest complexes in the country( my most fave! It might takes more than a day to explore because it’s so large and there are so much shops inside)
4. Central Park Mall : It’s so convenient and has easy access to reach another two mall, Taman Anggrek and Neo Soho.
5. Pacific Place Jakarta: Caters to chic shoppers and entertainment-seeking families at SCBD area
travel to jakarta
photo cr : JakartaFashionWeek
Now apart from the shopping, Jakarta is heavy on its arts, culture and festivals as well.There’s the International Film Festival, Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta Fashion Week, the Fashion & Food Festival, to name a few. These are the ones that are most recognised - there a lot more on both big and smaller scale.
*Oh and btw, there’s also the Jakarta Shopping Festival, which is a big deal here too.

I’ll talk more about my personal travel experience at Jakarta – SWEET ESCAPE to JAKARTA 2-  in upcoming post, It’s gonna be about the current hip Japanese Art showcased in museum ! Some of you might guess it by now ;) Stay tune!

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