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Hello Again !
Today's review topic is about nail polish ! Who's here never once let her nails unpolished ? I bet most of the women does,and I am one of them. I usually re paint my nails with new color at least once a week.Each could represent moods during entire week and it is a fun thing to do as part of my beauty routine ! 
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So, last year I bought some of nail polishes in one brand, Canmake which is my favorite.I always love their cosmetic which is usually packed in good quality yet  always affordable. Let's see how about their nail polishes right now ,kay ?
canmake nailpolish
Made in Japan 
 Website : CANMAKE
✿Price : 
 ¥ 360
 ---Where to Buy---
(Shipped Worldwide) : Yesstyle
In Store : Matsumoto Kiyoshi Japan

Actually I bought this nail polishes last year on my Japan trip at one of Japan famous drugstore ,Matsumoto Kiyoshi Tokyo.Price is so much cheaper color range's availability is so complete there.I bet they never out of stock ! But after i got back to Indonesia, I found out that Canmake already open their retail stores at here in my city, Surabaya ( Matahari Tunjungan Plaza Dept Store and Jayanata Beauty Plaza) Glad that I still can control myself and didn't over buying lol.
canmake colorful nail enamel
Despite being a drugstore brand,The packaging is kind of luxurious.
It resembles the shape of crystal when you see it on top.
canmake tokyo colorful nails
[ from left to right ]
color image no. 50 - Marine Navy    //   color image no. 68 - Lemon Yellow 
color image no.72  - Passion Pink  //  color image no. 78 - Candy Pink 
canmake nail polish review
Actually I don't have any specific favorite color.But lately I'm more into candy color pallets. That;s why i picked these four to brighten my days :)
review canmakeThe brush applicator appears to be thin and 2mm longer than usual nail polish applicator.By that, it is incredibly easier to apply on nails ,especially for someone who has a small sized nails like me
review canmake tokyo colorful nails
[ applied on my nails ]
+ Various kinds of colors
+  Beautiful Packaging
+ Affordable (in Japan Yen)
+ Easy to remove
+ Easy to apply and hold
+ Long lasting and Glossy finish
+ Doesn't smell like toxic paint
- Not highly pigmented for some colors (lighter colors)
- Doesn't dry quickly
- Flake off easily without top coat
-  Color availability (only available complete in Japan)
Well, after trying them all at once, I can see there's difference in term of quality. I don't know if you guys whoever tried it feel the same way as me.But certain colors like Lemon Yellow and Candy Pink that is considered as lighter color,is more runny and need 3 or more layer in order to make it appear pigmented.I have to go back and forth drying my nails with hair dryer too.In short,You do need extra patience.Different case with bolder colors like Passion Pink and Marine Navy. It gets pigmented with only 1 layer.

My sister who own one of the their glittered nail polish series said it is works even better and pigmented than the usual one tone bold colors (they were are all in same price tho) So i was like,
h o w   c o m e ?
Idk. This consistency issue is a bit disappointing. I don't think i will buy the lights or any pastel colors from Canmake in the future. So... next time better pick the bolder and darker colors or  try their glitter series ,I reckon? Apart from that, Canmake Colorful Nails is worth trying especially for you who dare to play with colors and love all the cheerful shades of nail polishes!

RATE  3.5 / 5
[  Have you tried any of Canmake Colorful Nails ?
I'd love to hear about your opinion :) ]

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6 komentar

  1. They are all such pretty shades I especially love the blue :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

    1. high five ! i love they blue one the most too :D

  2. I am in love with Lemon Yellow! It has the same shade as my favorite shirt has ^^ Slow drying is big pity.


    1. i like the color too! too bad it's little hard to apply because it needs 3-5 layers in order to get pigmented color :(

  3. I absolutely adore Canmake makeup too! My favourite item from them are the cream blushes :D Really like the pink nail polishes here too!

    1. i love canmake cream blushes too <3 haha but i havent blog about it yet.Guess i will post review about it very soon :3