Hi People!  It's June Already!
What false eyelashes a.k.a falsies means to you? For me,it's one of the make up essential!My face feels naked if i don't wear it especially during special occasion.
Speaking about falsies, I couldn't help to have this one brand in mind. it's Dollywink.You might think that I'm too biased but tbh so far, Dollywink falsies is my first falsies and the one that i find amazing and constantly use by now.
We know that every Dollywink falsies always comes with mini glue and by that,It become the only falsies glue that I stick with.So when I run out of glue,I gradually try to find one and I'm lucky enough to find that Dollywink also separately sell the glue! Oh Yay :3
Price : IDR 166.900,- / ¥ 972
Online : Rakuten Global,Amazon,Ebay,Yesstyle
Actually,Dollywink has released two version of glue/ eyelash fix.The pink tube is the standart one which is the white glue we usually find enclosed at their eyelashes pack.Meanwhile,The purple one is the one that i pick.It's a black colored glue!I find it so unique that there is eyelashes glue in black,and No need for me to think twice so i just grab it :D
I can't even comment any about this.It's Dollywink signature anyway. Just One word, and as always ,
 かわいい ! KAWAII !
I mean,how can I not love the packaging, it just fit my taste.girly and cute the same time with TSU-Chan pretty photo!That's why one of the reason why I'm a sucker for Japanese make up product! The 'tube-shaped' packaging idea is also nice.Rather than glue,It's looks like an eyeliner tube ^__^
all are in Japanese and i don't understand a bit ~haha so let's this translation help you to understand!
credit - www.koji-honpo.co.jp
it comes with short and pointed brush tip,purposed to make it easier to apply between the lashes,neatly follow the lashes shape ,so that there's will be no more glue spoiled.more controllable!
It almost look like black eyeliner when applied on hand.The only difference is,it's a bit sticky and fast to dry (of course,it's a glue indeed. lol).
Sure the black glue is great because it makes your eyelashes appear neat and clean.Aside from that, it can be black liner in disguised whenever you fix it.But remember!Since it's a black glue,and so does the eyelashes line color is black it makes kinda hard to check if it applied evenly.
I need to do it extra light to make sure that the glue is sufficient enough.Secondly,it does not dry fast unlike when i apply on my hand .You can't wear it straightly as soon as you glued them.It does takes time for the glue to dry first.Maybe for about 1- 2 minutes .But once it goes dries,It lasts! 
No worries over 'falling - eyelashes' accident'. When it time to remove,it kinda hard.
I don't really understand why this black glue edition  unlike the standard (white) one when it comes to the dryness and remove after usage. I reckon better not apply in it in rush!

Last but not least,I'm kinda satisfied with this purchase.but if I have to choose ,I prefer the standard Dollywink Eyelash fix because i'm kinda impatient when it comes to do my makeup.I like to quickly get it done and touch up later.Aside from that,it is a good product and highly recommended for you who already pro with fake eyelashes!

What do you think ? Have you ever try Dollywink eyelash fix ,which one do you prefer ?Simply drop your opinion on the comment section below!

RATE  4/5

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15 komentar

  1. I still prefer the white one, since I'm not a pro in sticking fake eyelashes :3


  2. that looks really great =)

  3. I've always loved the packaging of Dolly Wink products, so kawaii indeed~
    I'm kind of scared of the black, LOL. I feel like if I mess up I wouldn't be able to remove the glue! Whereas with the white it's ok if you mess up because it just dries clear xD

    1. ikr,risk possibility it is,and in the end we need double touch up (*_*)

  4. I was actually just thinking about buying this ;A;!! I'm so glad you reviewed this~ thank you! I think I'll buy the standard version again, now c:
    ~Kiyomi <3

    1. What a coicindence kkk (^0^)
      Me too.i think i will buy the standart version after this black one runs out!

  5. Cute blog! Following you! Ciao from Italy :)

  6. Omg the black glue seems so interesting, but I'm kinda worried about messing it up lol
    So I won't try it c:
    Thanks for the review~

    1. just need to apply it veryy carefully..but my opinion is,better stay with the regular one :)

  7. I love dollywink eyelashes!


  8. I wanted to try this product, so thank you for the amazing review!
    Im glad I found such a cute blog! C:

  9. Aww.. thanks for sharing this review, Ann!

    I haven't tried nor seen a black glue in falsies yet haha, until now.. I saw one from your blog and it makes me want to grab this brand if I see it in shops here in Ph. I guess I'll definitely enjoy it cos it'll add more definition in eyes. Thumbs up!

    Jhem | JhemSays.com

    1. welcome dear and I'm pretty sure you can find it at any Watsons stores ^^