Hello Pretty Ladies (☆^ー^☆)
It's nearly the end of June,gotta wrap with a post to be thankful for,My Beauty Haul of the month!
As you can see from the picture,I don't shop beauty haul that much this month, that's why i put 'mini' in front of this post title.Last week for exact,I got chance few days to visit Jakarta due to business trip ,not wanting to go home without buying anything,I vacated my time hunting some of rare beauty products (read:rare brand that haven't available yet in my city) So yeah.please take a look of these mini beauties !

This is not a sort of BB cream, nor a foundation,but beyond that,more likely  ' a light primer ' .You know.it' best to use when you're experiencing morning rush ; You don't have much time,yet you want to make sure your make up goes on perfectly.The substance it's a gel and you will feel the sense of refreshing afterward! I've use it for few times and gotta admit I love the fresh feeling,keep my face hydrated during the day !
I just run out off my old two way cake base,and when I'm in the middle of search the new one, i found this Laneige one and fell in love once I tried their sample in the store! With its SPF 32,it can protect my skin from the UV especially in this dry season.With its soft texture it does feel like wearing no makeup and blend well onto skin.I'm gonna talk more about this product on the next upcoming post ;)
Why G Dragon is here lol ? Basically first word across my mind when i see this product XD
Gotta admit maybe this is the main reason i bought this product,but yeah beside the packaging reason,i do need to treat myself with  face mask because its been a while for me use face mask.The price is originally  IDR 148.000 but i got lucky that it's on sale with 50 % off discount!This mask itself is a whitening mask which i never tried before it also claim to make your skin looks more clear and revitalized.
I'm always curious to try Too Cool For Skool Product since they have unique concept  and design for their brand,just like this mask!so quirky right?I'm lucky enough to found this 2 in 1 mask that not just work for face but also neck.Firming and Moisturizing.Really what i needed! I'm curious because I never apply mask on my neck before.
Again,i run off my beauty essential already and now it's an eyebrow liner.I'm always prefer to draw my brow with pencil liner rather than the liquid one bc it love how it simply makes my brow looks more natural.I've use this brow pencil these days and i like how subtle the outcome can be!The price is also super cheap lah,got this at the real store only costed me about IDR 76.000!
Hah,this actually an accident buying, i  thought it's an eyebrow liner turn out it is actually a pencil eyeliner!Haha shame on me  *_* but Nvm,gonna use it anyway bc the outcome is nice.Bold in a single line!
Bought this shampoo because I got influenced after read some other beauty blogger reviews :)
They say it makes your hair smooth and paraben free.So i go after it,and yeah they're right,it does makes my hair more manageable and less dull but i don't really feel the shining effect,eh? maybe because I have not using it along with the conditioner and the mask?And from my opinion,this product is just..OK.But as usual Japanese shampoo product ,there will be less foam rather usual shampoo and and because of that ,I don't feel really refreshed.especially on my scalp :x .But still gotta continually use this until it run out because the  bottle is huge ; 550ml.I'm planning to use it along with the conditioner and mask just like what suggested and maybe I'll get the shining effect!

Yeah that's all about my June beauty haul.My favorite one among of these is the Laneige Forever Definite Compact Foundation and I've  use it everyday since.I'll blog more about this later,Ok? :D

How about you guys,have you try any of these?What's your June beauty haul and favorite one?I'd like to hear more,Share with me by comment below!

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5 komentar

  1. hi Ann,

    What a great haul you have <3
    Can't wait for your next review on Laneige Forever Definite Compact foundation!


    1. Thanks Sharon♥
      I will,please wait for it ~^^

  2. Everything looks great! *u* I've been wanting to try Canmake products recently~ especially their eyeshadow quads! I love those masks, especially the one with G-Dragon haha ^^ Lovely post<3
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

    1. See if you love glittery type on eye make up then Canmake is suitable for you! I've used Canmake perfect stylist eyeshadow for now and lovin it!

  3. The Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo looks nice! ♥_♥
    I wanna try hahah!