tosave christmas shopping haul
Christmas shopping is an unpleasant task- said no one ever. Fact is , everyone does love Christmas itself and shopping. And Sometimes ,you need to pause a while in fulfilling your Christmas gifts bucket list and start to add your name in the first place. Treat yourself with special gift this Christmas, Thankful for yourself for all you've done as self reflect . For you whoever in search of nice yet affordable gift for your loved ones / yourself , you may try shop at ToSave.Com.

I got  4 different items for less than US$ 20 :
tosave china shopping haul
1. 24 Clear Make Up Holder Storage 
For such beauty junkie, this item is a must , It helps me saved a lot of space.So convenient  !
tosave  haul
2. Pink Gold Oblique Foundation & Eyeshadow Blush
The bristles is soft, I can't believe with just $1.28 , I can get this cute brushes. The quality is just as good as any other branded brushes,and for sure it make a pretty display too on my make up rack.
tosave review
3. Casual Fur Flip Flops
 I like how the sole material is made from compound, for anti slip. Really comfortable to wear.

4. Loose Lace Chiffon Sleeveless Top
tosave haul
I like the lace details yet the chiffon material is too sheer..However adding a tank top underneath will solve that.

Thank you ToSave.Com for sending me these items !

*in collab with and rosehairextensions*

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