dior diorific mat magique review
What it's like to fall in love with the first time? Suddenly all things seem beautiful and reasonable before you.Deep inside there's this confidence in you to stand up to face the day .Probably that's the best analogy to represent my thoughts on this Christian Dior Diorific Mat Lipstick.

dior diorific mat magique lipstick review
Known as a Haute Couture Long Wearing Lipstick, Diorific Mat holds the signature of Dior glamour in its every part of the details. At first glance ,its outer gold packaging, making it look splendor and royal that's most everyone will surely love.
dior diorific mat review
dior makeup review
Some say's it's inspired by the shape of a bullet , a dumbbell , a bow .. Whatever it is, all we gotta know is this jewel-like gold case is irresistibly fancy.
dior diorific lipstick
No #540 Magique is a bright saturated peach with smooth matte finish
dior diorific mat magique
Christian Dior DIORIFIC MAT
shades #540 Magique
made in France
price : around USD 53 / IDR 570.000 
This lipstick is easy to get in all DIOR Flagship Store / Sephora
Purchased mine through Sephora Indonesia
dior diorific mat magique swatch
Diorific Mat made  of ultra soft micronized silicon powder and formulated with hydrating formula , and by texture wise, it's not as drying as usual matte lipstick .It's safe to say that it's goes between matte-satin.With just light -single swap, the color is certainly pigmented and even as it glides on lips. It can capture the color of peach ,beautifully and turn lips into more playful and lively looking..

On the quality side, it's comfortable to wear ,non chalky,fast drying.Yet the staying power might not as well as promised , it might goes fade a little after meal/drink yet considering the other value, guess it's still okay to do little touch up.
dior mat magique review
The only thing that should be highlighted is, quality over price.I'm truly in love since first impression with this one after some time pursuing after the Right 'IT' lipstick for myself. If you're seeking over a lipstick that is more like an investment , there's nothing wrong with owning this lipstick. 

And lastly, quoting Elizabeth Taylor : 'Pour yourself a drink,put on some lipstick and pull yourself together' I hope you'll fall in love more with yourself just like me with Diorific Mat Lipstick .

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