menard skincare tsukika review
There's new change in my make up routine. I always planned to have my skincare routine products are in one same series and  brand. yet, would it be possible If I haven't pick one? It took me more than 3 years to finally settle and starting on this month, it's Menard Japan Tsukika skincare series.
It's all begin with the Tsukika Cleansing cream sample that I received few months ago from as sponsor, and I actually feel like falling in love with the products already and decided to go with its milk lotion  too. For Now, I only own these two yet,I'll add the rest when I am done with my old skincares series.
menard skincare cleansing cream milk lotion review
 So let's look more about my first impression review of 
Menard 's Tsukika Cleansing Cream and Milk Lotion !
menard skincare tsukika cleansing cream review
made in Japan
price : around IDR 315.000
Tsukika series is enriched with ingredients from Selenicereus flower extracts.It gives moist,retaining effect to skin which is usually exposed by the UV Rays and dryness and prevents first aging signs. Tsukika line is also applies for any skin type but especially dry skin type.
The Cleansing Cream is used before washing cream as the first step of the daily routine to remove (even ,waterproof based) make up dirt. To use , simply put the cream into our face and slowly rub with fingers till it became oily, then swipes with facial cotton.You'll see how amazing it is leaving your skin feels all dewy and clean. Finish by rinse with lukewarm water and then you are ready to put the second step aka washing cream as usual.
menard skincare milk lotion review
made in Japan
price : around IDR 370.000
Milk lotion is the same with emulsion in term of function. The lotion itself smell so good and gentle and the consistency is neither runny or too creamy yet perfect just like a milk. I like to use two pea -sized to moist my face after lotion/toner. This milk lotion  function is to prevents skin from dehydration ,external aggression and regulates skin metabolism.  It left my skin bouncy and glowing all day long! The only thing I dislike is the packaging... I prefer it comes up with pump model instead not a merely bottle like this which is not so travel-friendly.
menard skincare tsukika japan review
Being hooked with these two product, I am also very thankful for the thoughtfulness of  Menard's Beauty Advisor . She generously gave me 3 kinds of mini samples  of Menard's Tsukika Washing Cream, Tsukika Cream and Tsukika Lotion Moist to try. Now that I've tried 3 of them, I am more sure to continue my love for Menard Tsukika series as my main skincare series and moreover, because of this changes i can feel that my skin condition is getting better and bright each a day. I'll update this review after I bought the complete, normal size of  Tsukika series :)

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