although it's a bit late,i just wanna greet all of you 


may all you have a prosperous year and blessings 
pardon me,for being busy lately with uni stuff lately >______<
im already on my 6th semester which mean the most crucial semester 
because it's time for me to finish all the leftover classes
that's means next semester ahead is just internship and final project..

recently ,i had dyed my hair red
crimson red
(fyi,this has nothing to deal with celebrating
its the 1st time for me having hair color
i've been longing for it since 1 year ago
with many of consideration including discuss it with my fam & friends,
i finally take courage to step forward

my attempt is to get color
as seen on....

kara seungyeon's

secret ji eun's

i already choose the resemble color
but it just show me a little amount of red
not so bright, i think
tho,my hair has been recolored 3 times
of course i won't blame the hair salon where i 
cause they've been treating me very well and 
patiently doing the recolor without added charges
 plus,it's the same place my mom and sis dyed their hair
luckily,their color showed and give a nice result!

but mine give me a different story...

it's a light amount of red which just bright in the root 

im just ... .______.
maybe is it just my black hair pigment too strong?

i alrd asked the hairstylist and they told me 
maybe because of the color i choose is red ,
red usually didn't show up really bright as like orange or copper brown 
plus,first time coloring your hair usually doesn't give you obvious result
 but it will work best on the 2nd time coloring

tbh ,i didn't bleach my hair before,simply because the hairstylist told me so
they're afraid that my hair will be more frizzy after that

so here i am ,just give thanks for whatever happen
at least,it shows me an red highlight
let me wait and hope it will turn out good on the 2nd coloring next time...

anyway,have any of you face the same experience like me?
if so,let me know by commenting below! ^_^


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14 komentar

  1. u should try bubble hair such as works good on me :)

  2. really? i should have try some time ^^

  3. cool blog! <3 maybe you wanna follow each other on gfc, bloglovin (or facebook)? :D if so let me know! i always follow back :)

  4. Your hair is still cute though!! ^^

  5. Same ;___; My hair never turns out the way I want at the salon... nowadays I just dye it at home using Japanese dyes and it works fine haha.

    Your hair is gorgeous though!


    1. finally meet the same person..nah,i should try Japanese dyes sometimes ^^ hehe thank you!

  6. I dyed my hair with a similar colour ^^
    thank you for the comment :)
    and Happy New Year

  7. Happy Chinese New Year!

    I think your hair looks great! I've been thinking about dying mine for a while but can never figure out which colour to choose from. I'm thinking red also.

    1. thank you dear! yes,red is gorgeous.But see me,u should try Japanese dye instead dyed it at salon. Well just in case having the same exp like me.. O-0

  8. I kinda like how your hair is a red black - looks great on you! :)

    ♥ M & L