summer getaway!☆彡

few days ago, i had a short trip to SINGAPORE with my mum and sisters
since we're busy by ourselves,we think its a good idea to have a quality time together this summer hols
Sadly, my dad and bro cannot join us cause they were busy running their business still has
many works to do TT
so its just 4 of us and the journey starts..

i admit,SG will always my fave place to do shopping trip!
i always love Sg,a clean country plus they many interesting place to visit
i mean,lotsa SHOPPING MALL!
no doubt,they always sell good goodies with great price! :)
that's maybe the reason why we regularly visit SG for shopping!

Mostly,i ate mie mie,and mie at SG. they're different kind of them and i think i will never get bored !
yum yum! X)

In my opinion,BUGIS STREET its the best among all shopping street in SG
mostly of them had a good quality,last trend -asian style-ulzzang like-gyaru like and 
the best point among all is..with a very REASONABLE PRICE!
omo,i can't even stop my shopping desire there *0*
every single shop had their own unique goods!
if u're tourist,looking for gyaru-ullzang like and cuties thing in Sg,im highly recommended Bugis street and Bugis junction!

here's some of my SG hauls which mostly i got it from Bugis Street:

ups this one is not from Bugis,this one i bought from Wisma Atria at orchard road,
i fell in love with this bag for the first time. so elegant-lady like ^^

they had 2 different models but i choose the snake skin instead of the cream raffia one!

seriously,i dun wanna buy branded stuff here in Indo coz they might cost way expensive than in SG -_-
that's why this bag is need to think twice.

fashion and make up always kind of relate,so i choose SASA for makeup shopping!
SASA is kind of complete make up stores with different brand like korean or asian brand
but somehow they also sell imported brand which u can't find in other store
one thing i like from SASA ..again ,with reasonable price! ^^

-nail polish from Arezia,my fav one,instant dry,nice tint @SGD4 (but since there's buy one get one promo,so i got free one also!yay!*V*)
-Heroine Kiss Me make mascara volume and curl 01-jetblack  around @SGD21..(i heard it pretty nice and turn out well,so why not give a try?;)
-brown pencil liner -about SGD10 each
-Hot Mama blusher @SGD18
-oh! and Ray July 2012 edition! @SGD 5,98 ,bought at times bookstore
nice! its on english with malaysia i can actually understand the articles! 

i give you sneak peek of of Ray's July 2012 edition !

pastel colors everywhere,frills everywhere and i never get bored of it!

on the last night,we go to Clarke Quay..passing by singapore river in night makes me calm..

oh,i also bought this fancy kitty cushion in clarke quay,its very comfy yet cute!

Finally,after having 4 days journey, were heading back home..

bye bye SG, the shopping heaven..hope see u soon! :)

that's all for my summer trip post...see u in upcoming post!
have a good day! *^^*

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  1. Hello there~
    I hope you had a good time in Singapore!! Yes, bugis street is an awesome place for shopping!! Nice kawaii blog (^o^)b Mind if we follow each other on our blogs?
    P.s I love the hand bags!!

  2. Those are some cool items you got and that food looks delicious!!

    I follow you now!!
    would you like to follow/comment on my blog too?

  3. @yukie : ^^ yes yes i already had a good time there! thankie! already followed u back too!

    @mindy : thankyou dear..followed u back!

  4. LOVELYYYYYY Pretty post ^^

    If you haven't entered my circle lens give away please check it out ^^

  5. i like all the bags :) so cute!

    keep in touch :)

    Do you like beauty products?
    We're holding a giveaway @

  6. nice haul! I see that u bought so many summerish clothings! hope u enjoyed urself here

  7. thanks dblschin!i really im wishin going to sg soon..hehe ^^

  8. singapore is re3ally beautiful! I love your blog <3


  9. Wow your showing haul looks great! The Dorothy Perkins bag is so classy! Great choice! =D

  10. thankies <3 i hope this post will inspire all of you too!

  11. i love the first handbag!! i'll try to find a similar one lol

    hope you stop by and say hi

  12. glad u like it! i hope you could find it too coz here in my country i even find it at small boutique but with a bit differences material on it.but it doesn't matter as long you love it!good luck dear! :))