sociolla box unboxing beauty haul
It's end of JULY already, and It was a month full of things to do after long summer holiday. Getting back to work after a vacation is not easy, I feel like I need another day off even after weekend lol.At least, this monthly beauty box surprise from Sociolla,enlighten my busy days.So what's inside SociollaBox July 2017 edition ? Let's check it out !
sociolla box unboxing review
Beauty Quotes of The Month : Beauty is Everywhere , You just have to look for it !
menard tsukika japan review beauty haul
This is the best-est Item that i got from SociollaBox so far ! Menard is always be one of my favorite Japanese skincare brand as their product never disappoint me at once.The ingredients are made from Sellenicereus flower extract that has moisture and retaining power, giving smooth and moist texture to skin which is tend to exposed to dryness and UV rays. Menard Tuskika cleansing cream is a type of first step cleanser to clear make up at once with its delicate cream onto skin and also prevents skin torubles.After using for some days, I feel that my skin is much less easily irritated and soft.
avene eau termale review
Popular as a Sensitive and Acne-Prone skincare solution, I was not really familiar with this brand until my sister rave it and starts to be loyal user of their skincare series. Avene Cleanance Expert is more than just moisturizer, it can be use for redness and inflammation treatment, and also reduce spots , blackhead and blemishes , leaving skin soft and smooth.On the other side, Avene Cream SPF 50+ is a typical sunscreen with light texture and paraben free. Two of them work just like a shield -skin protector that should not be missed when you're about to go outside especially during daylight.
wardha hydrogloss lipstick review
Lipbalm with glossy texture, so it's mostly like a lip gloss with sheer finish.Enriched with vitamin E and jojoba oil, this product help maintain lip not just looking good but soften its texture.Well, as a lip balm , it's actually a quite good product especially for those with budget but as I'm not a fan of glossy kind and sheer lipstick, I can't say much about this product, at least for now.

At last, Thank You Sociolla for July Beauty Box, My Best pick among all for sociollabox July 2017 ? Menard Tsukika Cleansing Cream 


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