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This time I'm gonna review a Japanese make up brand called Heroine Make.For your information,
I'm in love with Heroine Make since I used their Kiss Me Volume and Curl Mascara last year.Like finally, I've found my soul mate in mascara that so me!So when I'm about to restock my mascara and strolled over Watson i found this Holiday Favorites great deals of Heroine Make which not just contain a mascara but also an eyeliner in one package :D
Price : SGD 29.90
Place : Watson Bugis Junction,Singapore
Online : Yesstyle,Ichibankao,Amazon
Heroine Make launched at 2005,is a Japanese makeup drugstore brand that widely popular across Asia such as Hong Kong, Taiwan,Singapore,Malaysia with their award winning beauty products.Especially these two .Heroine Make Long Super Water Proof Mascara won Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards as Best Lengthening Mascara while Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner  won Best Nylon Beauty Hitlist as Top 5 Liquid Eyeliner.I've also heard it said so many times that Heroine Make is considered as popular and recommended Japanese make up brand by some beauty gurus and blogger.Moreover,based on my own experience,I don't feel any single doubt to try their another product.

What I notice the most from Heroine Make is their unique packaging.You can tell it directly that it is a Japanese brand by the anime character of Princess/Himeko Elisabeth. I love how they pick a character as brand ambassador  to drive their brand stand out because the image of Himeko Elisabeth itself is unique in each packaging of Heroine Make products. She's born half-japanese and half-france,dressed with roma-gyaru style and always remain as elegant heroine in whatever she does.Her beauty doesn't fade even she portray sad emotion like crying,her makeup is still gorgeous as ever.

This great branding idea also make it's easier to differentiate Heroine Make with the other while mostly of them only use logo,or real model.This 'princess' approach refer to brand goals ; make every young woman feels like a real princess with their long lasting make up. 
Color : Black
Origin : Japan
Original Price : ¥1800

The tube design is pretty sumptuous with charming dark violet tube and luxe rosy-gold lid. I expect a lot with the curvy brush applicator that it might lengthen my eyelashes more rather than the usual straight ones.You can see that when i open the lid for the first time,the mascara looks refined.
Another benefit of the curved brush is..it makes is easier to apply because it will reach every corners of your lashes and it supposed to work best for those who have short lashes like me.
Color : Black
Origin : Japan
Original Price :  ¥1800

Tube design is pretty same with the mascara minus gold lid.I always prefer to use liquid-pen kind of eyeliner rather than the other kind for instance the gel liner because I just love its sharp and pointy brush too much just like this eyeliner!Let's see the outcome!
Eyeliner Applied on Hand
Before  -  After
The mascara appear to be bold ,even some of my friends ask me if I were wearing falshies!I love the mascara lengthening effect on my lower lashes but not on my upper lashes.yes,it may make it more visible and thicker but it hardly make them look curved and neat.Notice that it kinda lump out after few layers.I'd rather go with their Volume and Curl mascara rather than this one T^T

About the eyeliner,I,it need double-triple layers to create bold line.Also,it takes some time to get dry.I guess This eyeliner might more suitable for who who prefer natural looking in daily use.This just not met my expectation since I have small eyes and I'm a always a fan of a dry-fast and intense bold liquid eyeliner.I'll use it only when i feel lazy to apply makeup but still have to wear it anyway with such a short time,only to give little highlight to my looks.
Well,i do love Heroine Make for sure especially for their Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara which i used previously but these product doesn't really impress me.I'm not saying the it is bad because i clearly know that the quality they claimed such as waterproof thing really works,you may feel it kinda hard to remove by make up remover because of this thing.Moreover, it does stays and doesn't smudge  even after 12 hours.But honestly,i expect more because the outcome is not really fit with my make up preference. I might not repurchase these but .However,i still adore and curious about another Heroine Make products. 

What do you think of this product ? Do you have any good recommendation of Heroine Make product,simply drop comment below!
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