hello again everyone! 
time goes by as we gonna hit March very soon 
i just feel like we just started this 2013 and never expect would be this fast 0-o

spring season has come beautifully as like blooming flowers
though i live in 2 season country which only had dry and rainy season,
i can't deny that spring fashion obsession also influence me

sweet colors totally enchant me this spring!

Here im gonna share my latest OOTD!

also,few days ago, i went to my cousie wedding party

deeply in love with my forever 21 headband ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 
precisely detailed,pretty elegant like somewhat fit in every occasion
also the ribbon tattoo stocking i bought last christmas
its simply because kinda hard finding those stocking in my city -__- like ,very rare

re blogging over tumblr and have self updated to j fashion really tempted me
i know i must saving up but.lol. Afterall all women give up when it comes to something that really capture their heart

been eye-ing for some hauls below :

no.1, R&E colorful heel.would be perfect if i can wear this with no.3!
no.2, snidel blue flower pattern tights.snidel always give distinguished style and we would never been bored
no.3, knitted border poncho in rainbow.seem like it gonna make your day colorful!
no.4, roses printed sweater.they're really hip right now.once i saw them sell online in as site $74 ,ehh!
no.5, tatoo stocking(again) well.this time its the reverse color.white tattoo in black stocking.hype.

all of them by liz lisa
im always be no.1 fan of mini skirt
have no idea how can liz lisa dominating the trends of sweet gyaru looks nowadays
like literally they can predict what we need and give us a style that we can't resist
no.2 and 4 are wayy too kawaii!

so tell me what's your current spring obsession  ?

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30 komentar

  1. I love your style! I saw those Liz Lisa skirts too! I just recently bought a couple of Liz Lisa's items! ^^


    1. thankyou!^0^
      ikr, those skirts really gaze my eyes!

  2. I looove your outfit in the first picture and those cute leggings! :)~
    It's still pretty cold where I live so Spring fashion will have to wait another month before it gets warm enough to wear. :/
    Liz lisa is so so cute...Everything they create makes me feel like a happy little girl again lol!~
    This Spring, I've really looking forward to pastel shades! I'm also really excited to start wearing wedged heels again. =)

    1. thanks dear!agree with you ,whenever i see their outfit,it feels like flowers bloom in my heart also.hehe

  3. I love liz lisa spring skirts ^-^ so cute! and nice outfits dear :3


  4. wow, I love your outfits! They're so pretty and remind me of spring~
    Which makes me want to curse the cold weather we have in my area xD
    I can't wait to wear skirts too :D
    Also, I know! Liz Lisa always has such cute clothing!

    1. yes.definitely it give us mood booster this season!

  5. I am totally in love with your first outfit, it's gorgeous!

    Unfortunately, those ruffle shirts make my boobs look like melons so I can never wear them T_T


    1. thanks! it's okay dear ,u can be sweet without ruffles ,just play the color.pastel would be nice for this spring ^^

  6. Heyy cutie~

    I'm having a giveaway where you have a chance to win Geo Super Angel circle lenses yay! *happy dance*
    Enter now! click the link: yejenny.blogspot.com/giveaway

  7. heyyy, i love the colourful heels~ so bright and fashionable!
    perfect for some sunny, colourful summer :)
    and the skirts are also soooo cuuuuteeee <3

    sigh, ur blog's background song is so pleasant to listen to. don't wanna close your blog just to leave the song on HAHAHA!

    following u now :)

    xxx, Connie

    1. yeay!glad u like it! but somehow kinda hard to find shoes like that..
      yep ,standing egg is the best to accompany us have some relax!^^

  8. visiting here with a smile~ =)

    Regards, www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  9. Lovely outfits you have! Sadly it's too cold to wear skirts here. Counting down the days till the weather is warmer :)

    1. thx!hope there gonna be warmer soon yeah~ :)

  10. Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you liked the bracelet tutorial :) I like to make my own bracelets mainly because my wrist is too small for the ones outside so I tend to make bracelets.

    What song is this playing in the background? It sounds very soothing!


    1. heeh.u're welcome dear!tbh my reason is same as u, i have a small wrist too !sometimes its hard for me to find a suited bracelet..hehe.ah, the song is standing egg-rest ^^"

  11. lovely blog!

  12. your style is cute n chic.. Liz liza never fails to make me drooling because it's collection... hehehe
    lovely blog btw!
    visit mine if u don't mind :)

    1. hehehe.agree with you wonder why they never fail to gaze my eyes!

  13. you're so cute! love all the florals :)

    Metallic Paws

  14. Your outfits are so cute!~ +.+ Loving the first one ^^

  15. I lovr the first outfit the most and omg liz lisa skirts! WANT :O
    I followed you btw, I'm also a kpop fan. :D


    1. ehehe..thanks <3 wa,its nice meeting a kpopers too ^.^