Happy CNY 2566 for all of you who celebrate it ! 新年快乐,工作顺利吉祥如意 !!! ^____^
Short post today coz busy preparing and attending CNY Celebration with big family.fuh~So this post is inspired by this when I scrolled over tumblr :

Hundred percent agree with this statement!Just realize that i always press the play button on my music player while do my make up!Ikr,music always boost up our mood especially when doing something that we really enjoy like dress up and make up!
Here goes my top 5 music jams that always accompany me whenever I do my beauty routine!(*not only girl group's songs*).I put this in order from slow till fastest tempo which may suit the make up style of the day  ENJOY~(=^‥^)ノ☆♪♪♪

❣Clazziquai Project - I'm Glad You Came

CryBaby -  긴생머리((Feat. 긱스)

Beenzino -  How Do I Look

Brown Eyed Girls - Recipe 레시피

Kim Hyun A - Red 빨개요

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