hiya everyone!
im now a samsung user ^3^
last week i bought Samsung Galaxy Grand White
tho,im a n newbie in android thing and touch screen phone.
fyi,my blackberry recently becomes annoying because the battery keep draining .__.
well,im not so hi-tech person but this time i want to open up my mind.lol

so,yeah,some of you may wonder why i pick galaxy Grand over galaxy S4 which just released
well i have my own reason :
1.the S4 is just released here in my country and it takes time to distribute into the store 
well,i can't wait that long ..kkk
2.i need dual sim phone.oh and thankfully this phone occupied with dual gsm on
3. as a newbie, honestly I don't look much into the feature
.I just need line,kakao and so on to keep contact with my friends

FYI,some of Samsung galaxy grand features are :

-Dimension :143.5 x 76.9 x 9.6 mm (5.65 x 3.03 x 0.38 in)
-Weight : 162 g (5.71 oz)
-Micro SD up to 64 GB
-Android OS : v4.1.2 Jelly Bean
-Camera : 8MP ,AutoFocus,LED flash
2MP in front

hmm..i feel like its more than enough for me ^^ plus the screen size is pretty wide!

ah,once i notice,this phone has no notification indicator light ,

the two circle beside the camera is  ambient light and proximity sensor~
but nvm,im super lovin this phone now!

and finally with this phone i can make an IG account!
(yah i know im so out dated.lol. but better now than never,right?)
so any of you guys who has IG,just follow me here!

and if you guys have any suggestion of what are Android cute app (esp gyaru like) just notify me!
your comment is welcome!

bye bye

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