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H E L L O   G U Y S
Like what I said on my earlier new year  resolution  post , I try very hard,limit myself of impulse buying unnecessary beauty product. However ,as someone who never go out without make-up, I always run out some beauty product..It's kinda impossible to not add some beauty products into my shopping list ,monthly lol.

But yeah.I never survive do my beauty shopping at store/ mall.It always tricky.As every time i pass on pretty beauty stalls..my heart goes pit a pat and i will end up buy some unimportant cuties and then my wallet cries after lol.So this time,i tried to do my monthly beauty shopping in online which is more convenient and less tempting because I can go straight buy my beauty needs and most important, it's lot cheaper(lotsa promo and discount).Glad that i found SOCIOLLA, one stop online beauty shopping platform that has it all Here it is, the un-boxing and my shopping experience at Sociolla :
Sociolla box comes in ultra pretty packaging design. Simply chic and eye catching at the first sight !
Also comes with the box,there's invoice that stated my purchases and shipping information. I actually got this in pdf ver on my mailbox right after I made payment.But they also enclose a print version inside the box just in case i lost the pdf so that i can always check my purchased and too keep it as a payment evidence.
Here's the surprise. I got an Eyebrow Shaping Cart
I kinda suck at making eyebrow so this really help me
Now that i can stick it on my vanity table as guideline !
Another surprise, Special Voucher discount worth 15% for  min order costs IDR 300.000 
(sorry i have to blur the code voucher just because i shared it with my best friend alrd )
Back to the box, my items neatly wrapped in with Sociolla sticker logo on top.
 feels like I'm receiving a 'gift'... i was so eager to open it !
My items also securely bubble wrapped so that there will be no drama about breakage and so on..
TA - DAH !
Canmake Powder Cheek & Cottage Le Kiwi Exfoliating Gel
Finally i can have this two because my current blush and body are run out already
Best thing is, i got them on SPECIAL PRICE AND FREE SHIPPING COST
tell you more on my shopping experience below !
I certainly truly satisfied with Sociolla and this is my honest opinion! Like ,how can the package comes so fast !It usually takes 3-4 days from Jakarta to Surabaya moreover i need to pay the shipping cost.But it's all different with Sociolla! I made order  at Monday afternoon got payment confirmation right after i made payment ( always mail to payment@sociolla.com  to receive your confirmation) and receive the shipping and tracking code day after/ Tuesday . Wednesday morning,the package was safely arrived on my doorstep!

Moreover,Sociolla currently offer FREE SHIPPING all across Indonesia, I can save more!
Best of all , I got special IDR  50.000 discount just because i used my discount code : SBNLAYDT
Feel free to make your order now at Sociollla and use the code for discount !
[ Have you try shopping at Sociolla? I would glad to hear about your experience too ! ]

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  1. loving the visuals, i love that they ship so fast too! x


    1. That's the reason i love them and posting this ;)

  2. ripiw cottagenya dooonngg mau beli tapi masih ragu huhu


    1. i still have many drafts await...but probably i will..soon ! stay tune yaa :D


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