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Hellow ^0^
its been a while..
what are you guys up to lately?

i've been busy with mid exam lately but thanks God ,mostly it came out with good result~
yoohoo ~

few days a go a package from my fave online store arrive..
      guess what it is...

K- studded head band!

gosh ,i've been longing this for long time 
its actually popularized by Kim Hyuna
asdfghjkl..she's super pretty!

bought this only 35k IDR ! (or 4 US$)

zoom in!

last saturday ,i catch up with my old high school bestie 
first time wearing this headband! outfit that day..

so we're having dinner in new cafe in town , Pink Kitty Cafe!
it's obvious that this cafe based on hello kitty concept
but rather says that its pure 100 % hello kitty,its also decorated with others sanrio character!
(tho,mainly ,like 70 % of them is kitty)
 honestly says,im not a big fan of hello kitty,
but more likely attracted to this tubby yellow guy!

nah,once we enterd the cafe ,we really feel pink feeling,kitty feels.
if you're a passer by,you may think its an accessories boutique! lololol

me with kitty waffle and ice cream!

well,they offer pretty decorated kitty related menus
e. g kitty pancake,waffles,kitty fried rice,spaghetti and many more
despite the waffles ,i like the ice cream taste more!

if i should rate..

hmm about 3,5/5 of 5 stars maybe?
in my opinion,i don't really fit in with the taste hehe :)
i admit their effort on cafe's appearance and decor is good!
thumbs up!
ah,they even have kitty couch!
  happilly sat on kitty couch! ^.^

 pink and more kitty!

so,do you guys wanna visit kitty cafe maybe ? ^_^ 


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  1. Wah everything at the cafe is cute! ^^
    I have a headband like that too! I leaned on my friend's shoulder and it poked her. D: Dangerous accessories! Hehe.


    1. ahaha.indeed it is! XD but i can't resist wearing it!

  2. I just went back from Indonesia but I didn't realize that Indonesia got kitty cafe!where is it,btw?

    1. ah..what city have you visited?it located in my city,Surabaya ^^ ciputra world mall!

  3. no way!! in surabaya?! im from there! >< i never knew that :O well thanks for telling! :D you have a cute blog :3 followed!

    1. yep.they alrd open for about 2 month ,maybe :]

  4. Nice hairband, you look really cute with it ! :)Lovely photos ♥

    Love from Slovakia ~

    ℓα ℒιcσrηe - ℒa vie est ℓa petite ℓicorne.


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