2013,a new beginning has come

hi yah fellas!im back meet all of u in blogging world !
first, i wanna say...

it's already 2013! how's you feel?
i feel so grateful for past year
indeed ,2012 really brings  big impact to my life
many improvement and progress occurred 

and now,we already face 2013
this year too,God will never leave us alone
just have faith in Him,and you don't need to worry about the rest of your life :D

anyway,i spent NYE hols in SG 
i visited new places in SG which i never been before including Korea Plaza(samsung hub building)
which Operated by Korea Tourism Organization
me and my sister has been so into korean since few years ago and we're planning to visit korea as well this year..so,in case of getting more information about Korea,we're visiting this place

honestly,instead being a fangirl of kpop idols,we also attracted to their culture as well
what i like is,they(read:korean people) really love their own motherland and culture and they can adapt them in many aspect in this modern era,
the positive impact is we should learn from them to love and participated to built up our country as creative young generation

here in korea plaza ,we can get the brochures,guide book of korea
and i hear they also provide a korean class for they who interested

korean food including kimchi-look a like in ceramic!

we can also trying hanbok and get picture of ourself here for free!

me posing in hanbok ㅋㅋㅋ  

ah! i also drop in to Craftholic to see some of body pillow plushie
body pillow plushie has been so popular these days ,i barely can see them flooding on Instagram *A*

so i just wisely using this moment since they don't sell it in my country *sigh*

ta-dah! finally bought my own crafthlic plushie at bugis junction
luckily,they have promo 25 SGD for 2 35cm plushie!

next trip,Marina Bay Sands

shocking to met a parade of christmas cute character in The Shoppes and 
no need to think twice to snap photo together!

walking through Garden By The Bay <3 data-blogger-escaped-p="p">

Now its time to reveal my shopping hauls..hope it inspires you!

1.Baviphat rice bean face mask,
this one is really cheap!only SGD 1.55!
2.Lucido-l curly hair wax
3.Nail polishes; Tony Moly and Arezia
(my fav brand!both of them have a bold tint and nice color!)
4.Forever 21 tiny hair bow
5.Popteen January 2013
6.Fake eyelashes,Daiso
7.Forever 21 lovely pricess like-hairband,it only cost SGD4!
8.Reindeer body pillow plushie,Craftholic
9.Yellow flurensce flats,Rubi
10.Cutey floral skirt
11.Blue collar necklace,Rubi
12.Esprit Jeans Women perfume
this too,a year end promo and only cost SGD 15!

I'm so thankful for this year end holiday time..
have a quality time trip with family really can release my stress

 my wish for all of you in this new year :

and now,facing 2013 with bright smile,ok?

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