hello December!

hi everyone,now that we already reach the 12th month of this year!
wow..time really flies..huh?

but i'm glad because this month has been the most waited month for me!


christmas time is near ♬♪

plus,i' ve finished this 5th semester..
fuhh..no more painful extar loads of home works and project
finally ended it with blessings..
ah!on 27th i will have a trip to SG too..i can't wait it,really ^0^

okay,hop to the next topic..i wanna share about my Study Excursion Trip 
which participated by my classmate and juniors in uni
we were visiting some graphic design related company in Jakarta
to gather knowledge,to learn what is internship in design industry like since next year we gotta have internship,so its important to know what is like and prepare ourself

this is some of company we've been visiting:
1.2H+ Photography
2.Paper Gallery Indonesia
4.Caravan Illustration Studio
5.Studio 13

they're really big company,i feel like..wa..they're influenced ,versed  in creative design industry..
we got lots of encouragement how to start up our own business how to deals with clients and improve our skills..they told us with wise words and positive motivations to set up our future work
now that i'm feeling really grateful to meet all of them  ,and having those unforgettable memories..

with whole of my friends and juniors :D

 Leboye, a graphic design company
the owner and they're unique workplace :))

  a creative traditional display, remarks the  unique design of Leboye

look at the flying staircase they have,so unique,eh?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

this is the place where we stay.Sudirman Park Apartment

peek on the living room and my room.sharing this flat with 2 of my bestie

Now,the shopping time!

we're having super fun time looking for stuffs and gift to our family,visiting some of well known plaza in Jakarta like Central Park Mall,Grand Indonesia,Plaza Indonesia,Mal Taman Anggrek and Plaza Senayan
 i know,they're huge..things and interior are wayy more modern than in my current city.lol.
eyecandy everywhere!!haha!

  having a lunch at Pancious,definitely yummy stops that u won't regret!

ah! i also met LEE SEUNG GI when we were visiting Mal Taman Anggrek
i was very surprised ,and not predict anything that he is coming on that day
tho, i can only see him from 2nd floor
(because fangirls were everywhre and screaming,too crowded. T___T lol)

well,just count it as luckiness..to see him with my own eyes!*0*

sorry,bad photos..only can captured with low quality of my phone camera 

but he is actually tall,sleek and charismatic!

im not his fans but i like his personality and how he had the 'charm'

clearer version,not mine,haha 

okay,now about the hauls.. i only have 3 days to shop and can be done after 6pm and must go back before 9pm ... T_T 
now i know that TIME is really important especially when it deals with shopping

1.Pink net wallet by New Look
2.Mina Japan Magazine
3.red hot envelope bag by New Look
4.Gold hair clip by Forever21
5.Aqua Aura Moist Finish Patch by Tony Moly
6.Cutie chick post it by Artbox

that's all of my study excursion experience..
just 4 day and 3 night but really capture memories
i wish i can do it again with my friends..

now it' s time to happily face this blissful month with joy and hope!
at last...

happy holiday everyone!! ^^

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