October Updates plus How to Change Your Tumblr Dashboard Themes!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 , 7 Comments

Hello there!^0^
how's u guys been?
it's already October..wow..time flies so fast..0-0
Lately, I've been extremely busy  due to my uni extra-loaded projects..
i'm currently on my 5th semester now,that means it's my second year as visual communication design  student..

tho,i used to think that higher semester ,the task and works and will be more light

but i'm totally wrong :/

the fact is...the higher step u walk through,there's higher responsibility to take!
this 5th semester focused in more theories than practical projects
its the first time for me taking some of generals subject like citizenship,languages and literature,and entrepreneurship..
Somehow,I feel like its unnecessary to learn all of that subjects,but... well,since it's become 1 of the
requirements to graduate,i'll just do my best .. 


Anyway,i believe some of you guys ,have Tumblr..
yes,im kinda lazy for blogging this days...pardon me,im too tempted with Tumblr.ToT
Tumblr is just,,easy to navigate and reblog!

what i want to share here is..how to change your TUMBLR DASHBOARD THEME
its common to changing you blog theme right?but how about changing ur Dashboard of course it cannot been seen by public but also by yourself..but..still,its just a personal pleasure to have theme customized by ur own style ,right? ;)

ah!if you already know the secret,just ignore my post,K?^^ im just wanna share this to those  who still confused to change it..

Fyi,i'm using STYLISH, its an name of an app to customized your facebook,tumblr dashboard
the technique is different from what we know commonly like changing blog layout
we don't need to bother with css and html..its just as easy to be applied!

  • First step,you must install the app first! if youre running on mozzila then check this link: for mozzilla.But,if your'e on chrome,just type 'STYLISH' on your chrome store then press add!

  • Second,after you had the app,then just go to this site :  STYLISH .If youre on the right track ,then u must have found tons of Tumblr themes!
  • Third,now u already pick your fave themes,just press install! then..boom! go check ur tumblr . Now, the dashboard will be automatically converted to new look!

see?its easy right?^^ 

this is my tumblr dashboard after customized with STYLISH
ps/ feel free to follow me HERE ^0^

it becomes super pretty!i'm just like it!i feel like visiting my Tumblr more often..hahaha!
Okay..that's all for today..i hope this post will help!



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  1. Ooh, cute theme!
    Thank you for the tip and instructions!
    I'll be sure to check it out!! >w<

  2. Hehe! I am now a follower!
    Thank you for following my blog!
    Let's get along from now on, okay? ^w^

  3. what do you prefer, tumblr or blogger? :D

  4. I like to use blogger to write n tumblr for reblogging pic and posting my shots. Since tumblr is so easy to navigate and i rarely have time to write so...i would like to pick..
    TUMBLR! hehe ^^ how bout you?

  5. Your blog is so cute!! I really love it!!

    Maybe follow??




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