august 2012 playlist♬♪

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hello everybody! i wanna share my top picks playlist for this month! ^^

please check belowww...

1. When i miss you-b2st

this is not so mellow song as like the title or the lyric meaning.

2.Just a kiss- 2am Jo kwon

really touching.2am like but of course you can hear only jo kwon voice all over this song.
not reccomended if you just getting a heart break.this too sad. ㅠㅠ

3.  I love you-2ne1

this is the opposite of when i miss you by beast.thought it gonna be cheerful melody , it turn super mellow,but still 2ne1 like.  by the way,im starting to like CL's voice as well

4. Midnight sun-beast

again,i fell once again from beast.,,this song really turn me on to dance..but i prefer they put the refrain in the middle not in the beggining of the songs..still its new for me to hear it..

5. Mr bang-bang-dal shabet

girly voices all over! girl ruled! i wanna reward dal shabet as best female rookie group of the group if i can! they really proves their talent and not giving us ordinary song just like others boring rookies.Somehow,listening to their song making me feel like they have little similar with 2ne1..perhaps, i could label them as mini 2ne1?

6.Bounce- jj project

if dal shabet is my fav female rookie group,then jj project is my fav male ones! funky sound,badboy school style indeed. their choreography sometimes reminding me of 2pm(since they are under the same agency).oh! i favorited JR's voice more than a JB. i don't say that JB's not good but JR's voice maybe more clear, recognizable..keke plus Jr is cuter you know! ^^

7. Loving you- sistar

waa this is my fav song of the list!so sitar,giving you a warm little vacation like feeling,they could deliver the message of this song very good yet i love the mv,dasom is the prettiest!omo!

8. Gangnam style-psy

nah.i think everybody already listen to this.i never thought it becames so big hit.still the fact that its goes to top2 at youtube international pick make me speecless.i should apprectiate psy for bringing kpop into international!hahah!

this yet a very catchy song,like the korean version of party rock anthem-lmfao but with more proper lyric.

9.You make me smile-dave koz

i've been looking for this saxophone instrumental song for couple of years! glad i found it finally ! this so sweet .i should make it my main wedding songs if i can! haha!

10.Am i the one like this-block b

maybe block b have many con for their attitude but this time they prove how talented they are.this song really potrayed them. their husky voices and rap need to be appreciated.i mean,they really talented in

nah..that's all my fav 10's song pick for this song.mostly are kpop,since im a kpop lovers!

tell me ur fav song too this month!i would gladly reply ur comments! 

have a nice day everyone! ^^*


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  1. i know!i've been a kpop lover since 1 year ago! ^^ haha

  2. hi! it seems your such a music lover :D hehe! anyways, thanks much for dropping by my blog and for the lovely comment :D yes, i've been to design school both art and fashion design school ^__^
    follow each others blog? i'll follow you first ^_^

  3. yeah! i alrd followed u too dear!it's nice having friend in same interest of design! ^^

  4. it is always fun to get introduced to some new music :D


  5. glad u enjoyed my reccomendation,dear!^^

  6. thanks so much for following, followed you back :D


  7. I love kpop so much!!
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  8. yay!it's good having friends in the same interest!^^thx! followed u alrd.

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  10. what a great playlist.. i love 2ne1!!!!

    By the way, I am having a giveaway...hope you'll get a chance to check it out ^_^

  11. Thank you so much for this, I actually liked every song :D

  12. Your blog is so awesome ! How you make your background ? And yay I love Kpop too ! LOVE YOUR BLOG

  13. thx anyway!!basically ,just linked here and there and using bit of design theory since im design student..glad u like it,dear! ^0^*

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  15. Nice music.^^
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